A Third Attacker is Charged in the Philadelphia Marines Attack by Dictionary-Deprived Dummies Antifa



As I covered previously, a couple of Huge Dorks who don’t know the definition of words — and, therefore, institute fascism while labeling themselves “anti-fascist” — were recently charged for their assault on a group of misidentified marines. Please catch up via the Philadelphia backstory here and here.


Well, now a third Huge Dork’s been arrested.

Welcome to the Stage of Imbecility 37-year-old “Antifa leader” Joseph “Jose” Alcoff, known as Chepe.

Upon his Dorkness was charitably bestowed 17 charges on January 10th by the state of Pennsylvania. Those include one count of robbery while inflicting serious bodily injury. Oh — and also multiple counts of aggravated assault, ethnic intimidation, conspiracy, and terroristic threats — all felonies.

Way to go, Huge Dork.

As per NJ.com, Jose was also arrested in New Jersey’s Bordentown Township in 2011, charged with rioting.

Guess he got the Seven Year Itch.

For a glimpse into the Huge Dork’s winning personality, check out the video below. Those are the eyes of a man who hasn’t seen the reference section of a library. Beware: bad language. Also, beware: Huge Dork.

The first two Huge Dorks charged are also awaiting trial.

Given their apparent lack of familiarity with Noah Webster and subsequent use of words to mean their opposites, hopefully, the trio will go to what they presumably call “freedom” — known as “prison” to the literate world. Maybe they can make it to the clink’s library and find a copy of the OED. They also may want to look up the word “moron.”




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