OB/GYN Addresses New York's Shocking New Abortion-Up-Until-Birth Law: It's 'Sick'



In a profound move last week, New York passed a law allowing abortion up until the moment of birth.

That story didn’t get the traction I anticipated. If you haven’t read about the passage of the Reproductive Health Act, please find more here, here, and here.


Before the press, Andrew Cuomo praised it as part of “the most aggressive women’s equality…in the nation.” That brought applause.

In response to the stunning legislation courtesy of those who otherwise oppose the death penalty, OB/GYN Omar Hamada took to Fox & Friends Monday to call the law and the Left’s embrace of it — highlighted by Cuomo ordering One World Trade Center to be lit pink in recognition of a great victory — “sick.”

“You know, that’s actually sick. I mean, that we’re celebrating the death of infants, of babies that could live outside of the womb right then.”

Omar noted the irony of such a commemoration, given a little-known component of the 9/11 memorial:

“In fact, at the base of the World Trade Center, I don’t know if you know this, but there is a memorial to 9/11 that, in which is listed the names of the victims and then also the fetuses. I think there were four or six fetuses that were killed. And they list those as victims. Now they’re celebrating that they’re able to take the lives of those [fetuses].”

Is there ever justification for abortion during the third trimester? Omar was firm:

“There’s absolutely no reason to kill a baby before delivering in the third trimester — not a fetal or maternal indication is what we say in medicine. If there’s a problem — and there are problems in third trimester — both with the babies and with moms that require delivery, just deliver the baby. We don’t have to kill it.”


Do you believe this story is getting the attention it deserves? If not, why do you think that is?



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