Nathan Phillips's Legacy Continues: High School Teacher Doxxes Covington Student as 'Hitler Youth'



In Colorado, a Covington-student-hating teacher’s been placed on leave after attacking an innocent teenager.

The Catholic school kids’ encounter with faux-veteran (courtesy of RedState gunslinger streiff) Nathan Phillips has echoed through the Americasphere, and those reverberations are generating their own effects. So the beat goes on.


The whole story began wrongly: Nathan was attending an Indigenous Peoples’ Day celebration, and he is not an indigenous people. Neither were any of the other people there. Or, everyone in the country is. American Indians migrated to North America from Asia, via the Bering Strait (here).

C’mon, goobs!

Fast forward to left-wing assumptions, inaccurate reporting, and death threats (herehere, and here).

Moving on to a rattling link in the chain reaction:

Allegedly, Mountain Ridge Middle School social studies teacher Michelle Grissom named Covington Catholic High School student Jay Jackson as one of the teens sporting MAGA hats in the viral, greatly-misunderstood video. She also posted a photo of him, claiming he was one of the “Hitler Youth” from the big mess.

In doing so, she created a whole new mess, and not just because her characterization of “Hitler Youth” was breathtakingly idiotic: Jay Jackson, though an attendee of Covington, hadn’t gone to Washington D.C. with his peers.

Nice goin’.

Multiple times, Jay’s dad — John — asked her to take down her accusatory tweets. Finally, he went to the school district, at which point she deleted the posts.


Now, according to MRMS principal Shannon Clarke via 9News:

“Michelle Grissom is currently on leave. Please understand that I am unable to share specific details, as this is a personnel matter.”

Take it away, John:

What kind of person doxxes an adolescent who didn’t ask to be placed at the center of attention? What kind of person does that without even making sure their understanding of the story is correct? What kind of person does that to the wrong guy? What kind of person is so ignorant of history — and has such an immature view of the world — that they think kids chopping in the air are equivalent to 1930’s Nazis?

I’ll tell ya what kind: the kind that’s an executive board member of the Douglas County Federation teachers union.

Way to go, everybody.

John told The Daily Caller:

“After her viscous treatment of my son, and viewing some of her hateful social media posts, I am thankful that she will not be around children until this situation is fully evaluated.”





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