Conservative Catholic Actress Patricia Heaton: the Media Owes the Covington Students Restitution



If you’re not up on the Covington Catholic High School story, I recommend you do some learnin’. A good place to start would be RedState writer Jennifer Van Laar’s author page, where you’ll find this and this. Bonus: Not only is Jennifer a star writer; she has excellent taste in music.


Another recommended place to check out would be my author page. Not because I’ve written about the story, but because I relish the visitation. Gracias.

I’d also like to welcome Patricia Heaton there, but she probably doesn’t know who I am. She does, however, know about the boys in Kentucky.

Subsequently, the conservative Christian and outspoken pro-life actress took to Twitter Monday to defend the students against a blood-thirsty mainstream media.

A quick summary of the ordeal:

A video of a group of Catholic schoolkids laughing and chanting around a few American Indian protesters led by a man named Elder Nathan Phillips went viral recently. The clip was interpreted as a racist attack.

The media jumped the gun, perhaps due to the presence of MAGA hats (Say it ain’t so!).

Fast-forward to today, and Catholic Patricia lamenting that — despite apologies from news agencies — the damage of hasty and erroneous reporting has sadly already been done:



In addition to her great use of the word “nary,” Patricia’s right.

The Everybody Loves Raymond star’d like to see restitution:

Strong sentiments from a strong woman.

Previously, we got strong words with a strong smell:

Of course, this isn’t the first time the Left’s rushed to incriminate with regard to Trump or his supporters — just see here, here, herehere, and here.


It’s not likely it’ll be the last. Hopefully, the students will find justice, so much as it can be served.

Patricia Heaton’s on their side. So is the truth.



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