Women's March=Linda Sarsour=Sharia=Good & Liberal? Egyptian TV Host Jailed for Interviewing Gay Man



Women’s March founder Linda Sarsour wants Sharia law.

Well, what’s that get ya?

Here’s a little bit of culture from the Middle East.


A TV host has been sentenced to one year of hard labor by an Egyptian court.


He interviewed a man. On his own network.

And that man was gay.



Apparently, the horror of that didn’t go unnoticed.

According to the BBC, Mohamed al-Ghiety interviewed an unidentified male sex worker; he was, therefore, deemed guilty of “promoting homosexuality.”

As punishment, al-Ghiety was fined 3,000 pounds ($167).

The host has previously voiced opinions that weren’t pro-gay; and the streetwalkin’ dude featured expressed regret over his homosexuality.

Nevertheless, the channel was taken off the air for two weeks, Egypt’s Supreme Council for Media Regulation citing “professional violations.”

States the BBC:

The prosecuting lawyer, Mr Sabry, accused the TV host of revealing there to be financial gains of “practising homosexuality”, state-owned al-Ahram newspaper reports.

In addition to the jail term and fine, the misdemeanours court also ordered Ghiety to be put under surveillance for one year after serving his sentence, Mr Sabry said.

Yeah — they ain’t big on the gays over there:

Egypt’s media council banned homosexuals from appearing on any media outlet after a rainbow flag was raised at a concert in Cairo in 2017, in a rare public show of support for the LGBT community in the conservative, mainly Muslim country.

A crackdown was also launched on suspected homosexuals with dozens of people arrested, in a move decried by human rights groups.

The authorities rely on a 1961 prostitution law that criminalises “habitual debauchery” to charge people who they suspect of engaging in consensual homosexual conduct.


Yet, the perspective on LGBT issues is certainly no more “progressive” within societal adherence to Sharia. And the Left love the Women’s March. Or they did (here, here, and here). Here’s a tweet from WM leader Sarsour:

The Left doesn’t seem to want to make a lot of sense. Things supported and opposed don’t gel. They (rightly) fight domestic violence — a scourge based on the notion that men are bigger, stronger, and more physically aggressive than women (which they are); at the same time, they say there’s no difference between men and women, and chicks can kick your butt! They say they’re the party of science, yet they denounce biology. They support a culture due to its “minority” status, though that belief system denies rights to those they profess to represent. They claim to not be goobs, but then they are.

There’s a whole lot to be resolved here.

In the meantime, if you’re a left-winger and enjoying a holiday in Egypt, keep your views on homosexuality to yourself. And if you befriend a gay hooker there, don’t ask him questions.




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