Woke Gender-Fluid Comedian Banned from Comedy Club Because of His Colonialist Hairstyle



This is a good one.

At Montreal’s Coope les Récoltes — a “solidarity co-op” restaurant/bar/venue — a woke comedian got rejected by the powers that be due to his offensive hair.



The Left have officially eaten another of their own.

Last Friday, gender-fluid (that would be, genderly flexible, not the fluid of a particular sex) comedian Zach Poitras hoped to take the stage at the Snowflake Comedy Club, a cosmically-cushioned place where — as per its official website — people can come for “safe” laughs via “no transphobia, misogyny, racism, sexism, homophobia or…fatshaming.”

Sounds real safe, right? Well, it wasn’t safe for Zach. Because, for all his efforts of wokeness, he wasn’t safe for the audience.

The enlightened manwoman asked his friend — one of SCC’s organizers — if he could perform a super-safe and presumably exceedingly hilarious — but not so knee-slapping as to hurt tender joints — piece on his own gender fluidity. It was, sadly, determined that Zach was an enemy of social justice himself. As it turns out, if you’re a white dude with dreadlocks, it doesn’t matter how many pairs of panties — or man-periods (here) — you might have; there ain’t enough fluid in the world to fix your cultural appropriation, you racist jerk.

The co-op explained on Facebook (translation courtesy of The Daily Wire, as is the quote above):

The co-op harvest is a safe space, free from oppression reports. We do not tolerate any discrimination or harassment within our spaces. In view of some recent events, the co-op would like to explain its positions [regarding why a white male with dreadlocks was denied a performance].

…cultural ownership is the fact that a person from a dominant culture is suitable for symbols, clothing, or hairstyles of people from historically dominated cultures. It is a privilege to be able to wear dreads as a white person, and that this is seen … as being edgy, while a black person will be denied access to job opportunities or spaces (accommodation, schools, evenings, sports competitions, etc). In fact, black people too often face the need to change their hair and deny their culture if they want to be employable and be able to survive.


As noted by TDW:

The post goes on to say that after “decades of colonialism, slavery, and cultural genocide” in which people of color were not allowed to style their hair in certain ways and dress as they wanted, “it is a slap in the face” that “another group can take [those styles] without problems or consequences.”

They further claim that while “a person’s intention may not be racist … cultural ownership is a vehicle for racism,” and that anyone who displays such “cultural ownership” shouldn’t have the spotlight at the co-op.

Well there ya go.

I guess that’s Montreal for ya (here).

I’m so glad they gave us Norm Macdonald; and it’s a good thing for him, too — something tells me that, in Canada, comedy isn’t very comical.

Unfortunately, I think we’re next.




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