2020 Candidate Kirsten Gillibrand Makes an Illegal Left Turn: 'Yes' to Illegal Immigrant Drivers Licenses



On Wednesday, as she kicked off her 2020 presidential campaign, congressional Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand made an additional announcement: She wants to give people in the country illegally the legal right to drive all over it.


Bold choice.

As reported by the Daily News:

“I think we have to make it possible for people to provide for their families.”

That sounds good. But what does it actually mean?

It means the New York senator wants illegal aliens to have drivers licenses.

Which, of course, means she wants them to vote for her.

The notion of giving illegals the right to drive is a 180-degree change from 2007, when Gillibrand opposed then-Governor Eliot Spitzer and his drive to the hoop — with hopes of illegal licenses galore and nothin’ but net.

She added Wednesday:

“We need comprehensive immigration reform. Without doing that, you’re not going to get the problem solved for the rest of the country.”

Other Oval Office-aspirational declarations: health care is a human right, and institutional racism is real.

As for those tiptoeing their way onto American soil and puttin’ the pedal to the metal, twelve states — Connecticut, Maryland, Utah, and California among them — already give licenses to people without Social Security numbers.

Kirsten’s been headed to the goal with some sort of attempted amnesty-fueled slam dunk for quite a while (here). Just watch the first video below.


Despite her moves, though, it’s likely power forward Donald Trump’s gonna be there with a “Get that mess outta here.”



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