Women's March Leader Doubles Down on Race, Refuses to 'Throw Away' Farrakhan & the Nation of Islam



The Women’s March seems caught in a circular wave, precipitated by the sound of a flush.

Continuing the swirl, amid allegations of anti-Semitism that have convinced a veritable panoply of groups to cut ties with the left-wing rally, March leader Tamika Mallory doubled down on her embrace of the Nation of Islam.


The Nation — as I pointed out previously — believes this:

A sinister being, known as the Big Head Scientist, took the world’s prisoners and employed them in a scheme to create pure evil: white people.

The large-noggin’d, nefarious nuisance restricted mating among the world’s worst, such that breeding produced lighter and lighter skin. And, since purity was inherent to the darkness of skin, the lighter the shade, the crappier the creatures. On the way to total absence of goodness — otherwise known as total absence of blackness, otherwise known as Caucasian — all the world’s races were created, the lighter indicating the more treacherous.

That’s you, if you’re not black. That’s everyone, if they’re not black.

That’s the foundation of the Nation of Islam.

And then there are quotes such as…

“I’m not an anti-Semite. I’m anti-Termite.”


Nevertheless, Tamika told Elle Magazine that when it comes to Louis Farrakhan and the Nation, she ain’t goin’ NOWHERE:

For decades I have focused on anti-violence efforts in black communities. My son’s father was murdered. I am committed to working with deeply marginalized people to address the realities of gun violence. I often work with young black men in prisons. In this space I find myself working closely with people who have many attitudes, beliefs, and ideas that I disagree with, but the black experience is varied and I have to be open to all of it. To be effective when organizing people who have been discarded by society it does not make sense for me to throw away an organization—like the Nation of Islam—that has been very effective at reaching the hearts and minds of young black men to turning them away from violence.


Tamika’s comments append a long line of recent Women’s March failures, such as here, here, herehere, here, and here.

And the swish — it would seem to me — continues.


See my overall thoughts on the March here.


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