'You Are Not Welcome Here': Mexico Border Town Residents Not Happy About the New Migrant Caravan



Get ready for the next wave, and I don’t mean the one Billy Joel talked about.

An estimated 2,000 Honduran migrants entered Mexico Tuesday, responding to the siren song of American Democrats bidding them welcome via legislative limpness and political pandering.


The citizens of Mexico aren’t ready to send Thank You cards.

Some residents of the country’s border towns expressed their displeasure with the new “horde” (here) of Central Americans invading their space.

One YouTube user commenting on the Shialeweb-posted video documenting the influx (see below) — Azucena Santos — had this to say:

“Work? Yes, there might be work for people who actually want to work, not for the lazy bums looking for entitlements.”

Belem Gonzales implored the migrants to consider the plight of the first wave before making the excruciating trek:

“People of Honduras, all of you who are spinning these grand illusions and getting ready to come on this caravan and in any future others, before you leave your country, please inform yourself about how people who’ve already come on previous caravans are faring in Tijuana.”

Belem also tried to school the Hondurans on the hardships waiting in Mexico:

“[It’s] just like your country. There are many problems and needs, and you’re not going to be much better off than you were in Honduras. Please don’t trust these manipulative agitators who are encouraging you to risk everything for nothing.”

Juan Palomina attacked the Honduran president:

“Now look, let’s see if whacko [Honduran President} Labrador mobilizes the Marines and keeps these idiots from coming to Mexico. Give them enough to eat, at least.”


Perhaps Luis Mendez spoke for many Mexicans:

“We do not want caravans of (emojis of rats). Fight conditions in your own country. You are not welcome here.”

The first group of migrants hit Tijuana hard, causing problems and sparking protests (here). Certainly more of the same is impending.

And who are the “manipulative agitators”? Who is responsible for the thousands being lured to an opportunity which isn’t one at all (here)?

Surely, great blame lies on the left-wing politicians (along with some Republicans, as well), who’ve championed sanctuary cities and kept such a soft stance on border security as to convince those far south that penetration and residence is a snap (here).

Now Mexico’s snapping back, in a role reversal one doesn’t see too often: the home to many illegal immigrants in America has now become home to illegals from elsewhere.

Where is the Left, to call Mexicans racist for not wanting the burden of Hondurans looking for a better life?

With Trump sticking to his guns on the border fence and the Border Patrol ready to defend, they aren’t likely to find life better by storming the gates of a fortified kingdom which already has a door: despite the Left’s rhetoric, that door is called “immigration.” And it needn’t be entered in the dark.


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