Creator of 'The Daily Show': Unborn Babies are 'Medical Waste'



Who’s bringing you the news? Who’s providing your entertainment?

Do you know? Do you want to?

If you’re pro-life, here’s what the creator of left-wing political program The Daily Show, Lizz Winstead, thinks of ya.


And if you’re a fetus/baby in the womb, here’s what she thinks of you, too.

Lizz took to Twitter last week to address the potential Supreme Court hearing of a case determining whether states can legislatively allow aborted babies to recieve burials as human beings:

“Today SCOTUS decides whether it will hear an Indiana case requiring mandatory cremation/ burial for abortions AND miscarriages based on ‘dignity of personhood.’ If they take it, & decide medical waste is a person, ROE IS DEAD. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION.”

So, aborted babies: You’re “medical waste.”

Additionally, as reported by LifeNews, a group of which Lizz’s a member, the Lady Parts Justice League, produced a video disparaging one of the “real batsh*t crazy extremists behind” the legislation.

The bunch is anti-scammin’:

“One of the most recent proposed unconstitutional scams mandates the burial of all fetal tissue from miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies, and abortions performed in all medical facilities.”

On Friday, the law — which was passed during Mike Pence’s governorship of Indiana — received this tweeted response from CNN writer Danielle Campoamor:


“Dear Scotus, Fetal tissue is not a person. Fetal tissue is not a person. Fetal tissue is not a person. Fetal tissue is not a person. Fetal tissue is not a person. But I am. And I matter more than fetal tissue. Signed, people who have miscarriages and abortions.”



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