WATCH: Meghan McCain Tells Off 'View' Producers for Trying to Censor her During the Show




Meghan McCain got a big ol’ ‘tude Friday over producers’ attempts to censor her characterization of Michael Cohen. The daughter of late congressman and celebrated veteran John McCain called the former Trump attorney a “jackass.”


During a discussion of whether Cohen’ll be the goose that lays the golden impeachment egg, Meghan put the kibosh on the idea:

“[I] think we’re probably going to get some information. Will it be the damning Trump-is-in-prison-and-impeached moment? Probably not, just because it never is, so far. I honestly think Michael Cohen was a jackass from day one, and I continue to think he’s a jackass, so I don’t know what he could possibly say to change that.”

Ana Navarro chimed in, “Here’s the thing, though: He’s Donald Trump’s jackass,” just as Meghan was getting a message in her ear.

She interrupted:

“Sorry — apparently you’re not allowed to say that, Ana. I just got it in my earpiece, sorry. Sorry — I can’t say that, but the audience is in agreement with us that that guy seems shady. I’m sorry — don’t censor us and what we’re allowed to say about a guy like Michael Cohen who’s about to rot in jail.”

Meghan! Puttin’ it to the producers!

The View strikes me as a bunch of jumbled arguing mercilessly relieved by periodic commercial breaks. I make an exception for the glorious period of fantastic Candace Cameron’s right-wing occupation — she did it right.


It’s still nice, however, to see Meghan getting fiery. She needs that, if the conservative side of things has any hope of cutting through on a show populated to tilt the see-saw of political ideology into the dirt in favor of the Left. Keep up the chutzpah, Meghan. You scare me just a little; but I like ya.



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