Mother Has 10-Year-Old Drag Queen Son Photographed with Naked Man



Huck Magazine recently ran a feature on the life of “child drag queen” Nemis Quinn Mélançon-Golden.

The 10-year-old Canadian, who uses the drag moniker Queen Lactacia…


Okay…I’ll slow down for you.

That’s right — a 10-year-old Canadian drag queen performs under the name Queen Lactacia. Got it?

Okay —

Oh, wait — I wasn’t ready myself… Do we really want a child going by a name based on the notion of people sucking his nipples? Also: Flip it around as a female, and see how that goes.

Okay…here we go.

For the Huck piece, Nemis was photographhed by Jonathan Federick Turton. One of the shots that didn’t make the final release featured ol’ QL gettin’ cozy with Violet Chachki, Season 7 winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Ru — by the way — is a super nice guy. Perhaps less super is the fact that, for the photo, Violet appeared naked — less a small piece of tape covering his manjunk.

In my opinion, this seems a whole lotta fair bit less than completely appropriate.

Nemis’s mom, Jessica, noted in the article that the drag arena has a sexual component:

“Drag is an adult arena and that’s where people question our judgement,” concedes Jessica. “So we have to censor things. He knows there are adult aspects of drag that he’s not allowed to apply to his show.

“We would never try to overtly sexualise our child. But if he wears something that makes him feel beautiful, what right do I have to stop him wearing that dress because it might cause people to think things they shouldn’t be thinking? It’s a circular problem.”


In 2017, Nemis made an appearance with queen Bianca Del Rio, during which the elder told the child he was “f***in’ adorable.” See the video below, but beware the language.

Jessica’s cool with it:

“That video happened and everyone went crazy,” remembers Jess. “But we knew from the get-go we never wanted to lose control, or lose sight of it being fun for Nemis.”

At the time of his first show, Nemis was eight years old and had been experimenting with song and dance – as well as women’s clothes – for several years. For both mother and child, performing felt like a natural progression.

“There’s a video somewhere of me lip-syncing to Ariana Grande in a pink tutu when I was six,” says Nemis, who adopted the moniker Lactacia last year (his fans are known as ‘Lactaters’). “Drag isn’t a thing you imagine a child to do, but we don’t care what people say.”

“This is how Nemis chooses to express himself,” says Jess, combatively. “He’s just a kid playing.”

“There is so much more going on in the world right now which is more horrifying and terrifying than my child wearing fancy shoes and a skirt. This shouldn’t be on anyone’s list of priorities.”

Well. There ya go.

To decide for yourself if the photo should be on your priority list, see below.




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