'Comedienne' Brags About Killing Her Babies - Where is the Outrage Mob?


I don’t get the outrage machine. If someone does something wild, the height of my emotional response is usually, “Huh.”

That being said, on Wednesday, comedienne Marcella Arguello tweeted an attempt at comedy gold in the form of abortion-boasting.


She was responding to people telling her she should have a baby. In her reach for the stars of hilarity on her @marcellacomedy Twitter account, she snagged this:

“I hate when people tell me to have a kid because I look good holding a baby. Bitch I look good doing everything because I. Look. Good. In fact you should see me have an abortion – I am BREATHTAKING. Literally I am taking someone’s breath. It’s beautiful.”

Does anyone really think this is funny?

Ben Shapiro responded:

So did others:




Even Marvin the Martian reacted:

I would assume she was trying to get some traction as an entertainer by saying something horrible. However, I don’t think it’s the kind of attention she would ultimately want. And it’s doubtful she would’ve made the same kind of remark against any people embraced by the social justice Left.

At the end of the day, we’re at a point in our society where someone can be fired for using a pronoun (like here and here), while others may brag of killing a baby.


Strange times. Especially for the United States of America.



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