Feminist Gutpunch: Study Says Men Have It Worse Than Women



Feminists aren’t gonna like this study.

Among the Left, there is power in victimhood.

Could some of that side’s claims of persecution be overblown?


Ask the University of Essex and the University of Missouri-Columbia, who published a surprising study in the journal Plos One. This was their determination, as reported by the Daily Mail:

“Women are better off in more countries than men are…”


A method that assesses the forms of hardship and discrimination facing men and women has revealed males have it harder in 91 countries out of 134.

Women were disadvantaged in only 43.

Was the U.S. one?


Don’t tell the Women’s March.

The study looked at 6.8 billion people around the world and scientists developed a new way of measuring gender inequality.

The UK, the US and Australia all discriminate against men more whereas Italy, Israel and China are harder environments for women, according to the study.

Researchers say this is due to men receiving harsher punishments for the same crime, compulsory military service and more occupational deaths than women.


Speaking of the patriarchy, if you missed it, please watch Jordan Peterson waxing philosophic on the patriarchy. It’s an absolute must-see (here).

And while I’m on the topic of missing things, how about you take a look at my Top Stories of 2018 (few have…yet)? That article’s had so few visitors, I feel as disadvantaged as a woman in China. Or a man in Australia. PLEASE enact some social justice.

What are your thoughts on the study? Let us all know in the Comments section below.


Lastly, here’s a curveball for ya:

The closer the [Basic Index of Gender Inequality] score is to zero the greater the level of equality is in the country.

Zero is a perfect score, indicating absolute parity between the genders – and Italy came the closest with a score of 0.00021. Slightly favouring males.

The top ranked nation to favour women over men is claimed to be Saudi Arabia, with a score of -0.001554.



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