Sick of Hollywood: Following So Much Left-Wing Activism, Golden Globes Ratings Are Worst in a Decade



On Monday Tinseltown threw a party for itself…honoring…itself.

Hollywood traffic was brought to a standstill, so a whole lot of politically liberal multi-millionaires could get together and congratulate one another.


Meanwhile, Americans did things like:

  • Vacuum
  • Eat chicken
  • Wrap fish
  • Sit and stare at the wall
  • Watch the Alabama/Clemson game (ROLL TIDE)

One thing they didn’t do is watch the Golden Globes.

In actuality, I love Hollywood. I live there. And I love movies.

But my suspicion is that many Americans have tired of the political activism among producers, directors, and especially actors. Since the advent of the Trump era, many a star has used stage time during such shows to insult half the country.

I think it may be that people don’t appreciate the proselytizing nearly as much as some elites assume.

But maybe I’m wrong.

Either way, that “stink” thing I said is still bullseye:

As reported by Entertainment Weekly, “18.6 million viewers watched three-hour-plus 2019 awards-fest, according to NBC, which is the smallest audience for the show in three years.”

And that’s — by the way — better than other awards shows are doing. The Grammys, Emmys, and Academy Awards all experienced double-digit decline from 2017 to 2018.

The Daily Wire’s Emily Zanotti had an interesting take:

Part of the problem may be the changing attitudes in Hollywood towards the traditional “roast”-style awards show introductions, followed by an endless parade of trophy handouts, mostly to actors and actresses the audience doesn’t like, and to movies or shows that weren’t commercial successes.


Also, the campaigns of the Left seem to be waning–

#MeToo has predictably fizzled. The Women’s March has been abandoned (here) as it suffers from anti-Semitism (here), racism (here), left-wing extremism, and just generally not making sense (here).

“Not My President” has become a soggy noodle.

The nonsensical war against the AR-15 has lost steam.

But for the last few years, those have been, not so much talking points, but screaming points. And, I believe, an outspoken Hollywood narcissism has turned off much of the public, via expressed ideas which are misinformed (here), a critical and obvious disconnect from the real world (here), and blatant hypocrisy (here).

But I’m still a fan.

I love Hollywood; I love movies. And I enjoy actresses and actors (including GG host Andy Samberg). Personally — surely like many others — I only wish entertainers would simply do just that: entertain. The other way, to me, seems far from golden.

What do you think?



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