No Bible: Rashida Tlaib Becomes First Congresswoman to Swear in on a Quran, & it Wasn't Jefferson's



The political landscape is definitely changing.

On Thursday, Democratic Minnesota Rep. Rashida Tlaib was sworn in with her hand on the Quran instead of a Bible.


I previously covered Rashida with an August 15th article about her expressed hope to deny further aid to Israel. See that story here.

She made RedState headlines on Friday (courtesy of Brandon Morse), thanks to the previous day’s post-swearing-in speech, which included an absolutely stunning “expletive-filled Trump impeachment comment”:

“We’re going to impeach that motherf***er!”

The crowd cheered.


This is where we are.

The civility and class of politics continues down a muddy hill. And more rain is surely on the way (see here and especially here).

As are, no doubt, more erroneous reports: Despite online posts to the contrary, Tlaib has denied she took her congressional oath on former President Thomas Jefferson’s 18th-century Quran:


“I used my own *personal Quran* that my best friend of 25 years gifted me to use for the ceremonial swear in (basically a photo with Speaker Pelosi). *Note: I did not use Jefferson’s Quran as reported. I wanted it to be more personal (and my own).”

That “photo with Speaker Pelosi” was likely none too warm — as I noted on August 10th, the nation’s first Muslim congresswoman told CNN she wasn’t planning to endorse Nancy as Speaker, suggesting the left-wing Armegeddon-proclaiming goof was a corrupt “sellout” (here and here).

Guess Rashida wanted to oust that mother****er, too.

Meanwhile, the political climate is changing like a mother****er.

For the proud-as-a-peacock vulgarity, see the uncensored tweet below.




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