Joe Rogan and Bill Burr Nail Left-Wing Outrage



UFC host Joe Rogan can’t be pinned down. Politically, that is. And probably — in most cases — the other way, too. He packs a mean roundhouse kick.


The standup comedian and conspiracy fan who’s none too shy about his dislike for Hillary Clinton is also a liberal-and-proud smoker of the ganja.

And I like him.

A lot.

Joe welcomes onto his YouTube show a wide variety of guests with a diverse set of viewpoints. And he’s a great interviewer, because he lets people talk. He doesn’t argue with them; he just allows them to be them, and he tells interesting stories. If you haven’t checked it out, perhaps you should. But I’m saving you the trip this time, by giving you Joe’s perfect encapsulation of the offended Left.

As I covered in December, SNL’s Nimesh Patel made an appearance at Columbia University in support of their annual Asian and Pacific Islander-themed cultureSHOCK night. After he made a joke about black and gay people, organizers decided to cut his set (here).

Safe space!

Nimesh guested on The Joe Rogan Experience to recount the incident, and the host did a remarkable job of characterizing the college students who turned off the mic, as well as the social justice crowd in general:

“(As a standup) I stopped doing colleges, like a long time ago. … Like the early 2000’s. … [T]hey don’t know enough. … I don’t want to perform at the whim of children. And that’s what these are. These are children who are engaging in recreational outrage. They’re deciding to be outraged.”



“Children who are engaging in recreational outrage.” Nicely done.

Comedian Bill Burr also appeared on Joe’s show in December, where the two discussed outrage culture.

[Bonus: Quick quote — Bill on a faction of modern feminism:

“If you really look at their agenda, when they say, ‘The future is feminine,’ that’s not inclusive. And they’re all about ‘Oh, make this more inclusive.’ It’s like, ‘No, let us in so we can take it over, and then we’ll push you down.'”]

Anyway, speaking on the perpetually-offended Left and their constant demands for apologies, Bill had this to say:

“Some of the biggest bullies right now — I can’t believe it, ’cause I’m a lefty — are on my side of the…fence.”

Bill noted that it’s bad when you have to criticize your own side:

“When someone’s on your side of the fence, and you’re looking at them like, ‘You’re a…crazy person,’ it’s…strange times.”

Joe agreed:

“They’re bullies. … You don’t change the world by yelling at people. It doesn’t work that way.”

There was a time when the left side of politics was also a haven of free speech. Of relative reason. Of open dialogue. And back then, it seems, political and social differences didn’t matter nearly so much. But as the Left have grown increasingly intolerant, there has developed a cultural police state. And no one is the better for it. It’s always nice to hear people who consider themselves to be liberal champion free speech and condemn the nimrod move of Outrage Theatre and bully tactics to silence dissent (like here).


Thank you, Joe and Bill. [See the videos below if you like, but WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE]


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