Piers Morgan Attacks Michelle Obama for Cruelty to Melania Trump



Sometimes, political sides are hard to distinguish. Sometimes, they’re fluid, which isn’t a bad thing.

Virulently anti-gun Piers Morgan dropped a bomb on Michelle Obama last week, over the former First Lady’s treatment of Melania Trump.


As you may remember, tradition has dictated that past First Families stay out of politics once their terms are over. Ex-presidents go on to support charities, make special appearances, and give top-dollar speeches. They avoid commenting on the present administration.

Barack Obama has taken a different route, jabbing at President Trump and campaigning for the midterms (here, here, here, and here).

As for Lady Obama, Piers asserted the following via the Daily Mail:

Oh Michelle.

Not you, too?

Just when I thought there was one person in public life that soared effortlessly and admirably above the incessantly ugly partisan trash-talk that pervades every second of American airspace these days, Mrs Obama has let me down.

And frankly, she has let herself down too.

Piers was specifically referring to an appearance the erstwhile FLOTUS made on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, during which she “plunge[d] the b*tchy knife firmly into the back of” Mrs. Trump.”

Piers explained:

The attack came after Fallon showed her a photo of her and husband Barack boarding Air Force One for the last time after Donald Trump’s inauguration in January 2017.

‘Can you just walk me through…,’ said Fallon.

But before he could even finish the question, Michelle interrupted with a sneering: ‘Bye Felicia!’

Fallon collapsed with laughter and the audience whooped with joy.

And wherever she was, Melania Trump must have winced with anger and humiliation.


“Bye Felicia” refers to a scene from the 1995 movie Friday. And, as Piers pointed out, it “is an intensely derogatory one.”

“A local girl named Felicia who annoys the neighbourhood with her constant begging, and shameless attempts to live off others, annoys (main character) Craig.

When she asks if she can borrow his car, and a marijuana joint, he point blank refuses, then looks away and says simply ‘Bye, Felicia’ in a dismissive tone.

The phrase is now widely used, especially on social media, as an ice cold ‘kiss off’ for unpleasant people who you want to avoid.

It means, depending on which dictionary you refer to, a variant on: ‘I’m done with you, I have no interest in you, or anything you have to say.’

It’s specifically designed to cause hurt to the recipient.

Then there was this:

This slur would be bad enough, but Michelle wasn’t finished there.

Talking of the stress of that Inauguration day, she said: ‘Then the Tiffany’s box..’ and crunched her face into an expression of withering theatrical bemusement.

She was referring to the expensive picture frame gift that Melania gave her outside the White House.

Fallon laughed again, as the audience cheered.

And for a second time, Melania was being humiliated on national television, for the apparent crime of giving her predecessor as First Lady a nice gift.


Whatever your thoughts of Piers, he has — from time to time — proven to be more than just a hardline party guy. Whether his views are right or wrong, he appears to think for himself.

I’ve met Michelle Obama, once, and found her a delightful person – warm, friendly and highly personable.

I’ve also met Melania Trump, many more times, and always found her exactly the same.

They’re two very different women, but they have shared the rare experience of being First Lady.

Every move they make, every word they speak, every dress they wear, is exposed to intense global scrutiny, comment and criticism.

It must be a relentlessly intrusive and stressful existence, and I applaud them both for doing it with a touch of class, elegance and dignity.

You can hate Barack Obama, but still admire the way his wife Michelle conducted herself during her time at the White House.

Piers closed with this:

A while ago, Michelle Obama told the world her mantra was: ‘When they go low, we go high.’

How sad to now see the same Michelle Obama, a woman I greatly admire, now herself go so low simply to belittle her successor, flog a few more books and further line her already bulging pockets.


P.S. It should be noted that I don’t think Michelle was necessarily saying “Bye, Felica” to Melania. I believe she may have been referring to her role as First Lady. As for the implication of the Tiffany’s box, watch the second video below and make your own assessment.



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