Armed Florida Politician Shoots Attacker, Defends His Family in Home Invasion



Despite notions from the Left, the 2nd Amendment allows innocent Americans to defend themselves against threats (as opposed to solely empowering mass murderers).


Some say that often, the mere brandishing of a firearm staves off would-be attackers; and those stories go unreported. As for the discharged firearm victories of the innocent, the national news media is loathe to report them.

Even much less frequently do you hear of a politician defending themself against crime via the right to bear arms, but here is such a story.

22-year-old Avelino Misreal Vasquez-Perez was speeding away from police. He crashed his car into a house, then ran to a home nearby and hid in the garage. From there, he tried to break into the kitchen.

Vasquez-Perez had been spotted driving recklessly, leading law enforcement to suspect he was impaired. When they attempted to pull him over, he sped away.

After the crash, he and his passenger split. Cops snagged the other dude, but Vasquez-Perez got away, hopping over the fence of Palmetto, Florida City Commissioner Brian Williams.

Fast-forward to the garage and the kitchen.

The city official’s daughter — who lives nextdoor — had seen Vasquez-Perez and called her dad.


Commissioner Brian took his gun and confronted the intruder in the garage. Vasquez-Perez tried to punch him.

Bad move.

Two shot were fired.

Two bullets went in.

One unwelcome garage attendee was taken to the hospital.

Vasquez-Perez is expected to recover. He’ll be charged with resisting arrest, burglary, battery, and traffic violations.
Brian will presumably be charged by his family for being the hero who saved them from potential harm. In self-defense, according to law enforcement.

As reported by the Miami Herald, Brian displayed compassion for his assailant:

“I am glad that everything turned out the way it did. I guess he is doing okay and we are happy and glad that no one in my family was hurt.”

Not many people would have something nice to say about the person they shot for breaking into their home and trying to attack them.

But one man in Florida did. An elected official, no less.

The left-wing media portray firearms as tools of the wicked and MacGuffins of the ignorant (here and here). But for many Americans (here and here) — including Brian Williams — they are what the Forefathers intended them to be: safety and security in a dangerous world.



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