Women's March: What are You Doing? From Racism to Shariah Law, You're an Unfocused Mess



Due to implications and accusations of anti-Semitism (herehere, and here) — and a resultant spinoff (here) — the Women’s March has been in the news a fair amount lately.


And the countdown’s begun to January 19th’s march on Washington. As the official website boasts, “#WomensWave is coming.”

To that, I say: What the heck are you doing?

After the election of Donald J. Trump — a lifelong Democrat and media darling who added an “R” to his name and, in a matter of months, magically became Lucifer, thanks to an unprecedented left-wing smear machine — Democrats lost their minds.

As a result, a bunch of female Dems got together and wore pink hats. I salute the vendors savvy enough to capitalize on the kitty-eared beanie craze; surely somebody made a hefty sum.

The ladies crowded together and screamed that…uh…they were ladies. Celebrities got onstage and said ridiculous things. People decried the election. Conservatives were not welcome; and yet, the women seemed so delusional as to think they represented all women.

Advice: Don’t take an ideological side and exclude all others, and at the same time posture as if you’re representing everyone. It makes you look very, very silly.

That was 2017. The Nation of Islam — which believes white people are literally devils and black people are purity incarnate — provided security (here and here). There was another march the following year.


Allegations of anti-Semitism have wreaked havoc, bolstered by WM leadership’s affiliation and fondness for NOI leader Louis “I’m not an anti-Semite; I’m anti-termite” Farrakhan (here and here).

Furthermore, March honcho anti-Israel Linda Sarsour has endorsed Sharia Law — that would be, arguably, the most successful female-oppressive system on the planet (here, and here).

So we have a march which has no clear purpose, rife with problems, comprised of women sporting feline headgear — referencing, by the way, something the President didn’t say: He never said he sexually assaulted women; he said when you’re famous, women will let you grab their genitals. Let, Democrats. Let.

Pro-life women aren’t welcome at the rally; neither is conservative rhetoric.

So, Women’s March: You don’t represent half the country that’s conservative; you don’t represent Jewish women; and you don’t represent female liberty.

What, exactly, are you rallying for? Abortion? Illegal immigration? Hats? Yelling? If so, then why is it only for women? What is going on? You’re surely not still protesting Trump election, as he’s been in office for two years now; that isn’t going to change any time soon. What is your reason for getting out of bed, going to the drug store, buying poster board and markers, making signs, waiting in traffic, and spending the day emoting? What are you trying to accomplish?


I’d genuinely like to know.



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