In the Name of Transgenderism, Man Sues Women's Team for Discrimination and Wins



A man presenting as a woman won a discrimination lawsuit this week, continuing a whole lot of confusion for everyone everywhere.

I’m a firm believer in the right to look the way one prefers, and such liberty welcomes lipstick on a man. That is true, as is this: Athletic, educational, societal, and privacy issues flying ’round the goings-on of females with mustaches and males with breasts are shoving simplicity and clarity squarely out the binary window.


Speaking of windows, here’s a view into the modern courtroom: Nearly-6-foot-tall Christina Ginther scored $20,000 in restitution from his lawsuit against the Minnesota Vixen football team. The until-now all-girls organization was previously part of the Independent Women’s Football League.

After tryouts in 2016, the team’s powers-that-be realized Christina was a man. Subsequently, owner Laura Brown informed him that, due to concerns for the girls’ safety, dudes weren’t allowed to play.

To Christina — who holds a second-degree black belt in karate — this was unjust.

Because…actually, I don’t know why.

Oh, wait — yeah, I do. He “felt violated.”

According to the team’s attorney, Greg Van Gompel, Laura offered Christina a position as assistant coach or stat keeper. Explains Gompel:

“[IWFL policy] says, ‘A player may not play in the IWFL, unless they are now, and always have been, legally and medically a female, as determined by their birth certificate and driver’s license.'”

Christina’s feelings were hurt:

“I hung up the phone and just felt violated. I mean, just the sense of, ‘I’m a freak. I’m a defective. I am not worthy to be with this team.'”

And also:

“I don’t know what could have given me away.”

Laura says it was social media.

The guy filed suit, citing the Minnesota Human Rights Act. It bars discrimination based on sexual orientation.


A jury sided with Christina, on the basis of being transgender rather than gay.

Such a precedent, of course, should put an end to any women-only sports in Minnesota. But we’ll see. In the meantime, here’s how Christina sizes up against the chicks. Does it look safe to you? When it comes to size, he’s quite the Vixen.



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