MIRROR, MIRROR: Hillary Clinton No Longer America's Most Admired Woman; Here's Her Replacement



WARNING: Professional Wrestling Terms Ahead.

Well, it’s official: Hillary Clinton is no longer the most admired woman in America.


Hill’s had a rough time: She’s been beaten by Barack; she’s been beaten by Trump. Now the former First Lady’s been smacked down by another ex-FLOTUS, who didn’t even have to also hold office in order to triumph: Michelle Obama suplexed the scandalous attorney and erstwhile Oval Office contender for the title of Most Admired.


That’s right — the next time Mrs. Clinton says, “Mirror, mirror…” the answer may repulse her.

At least, if that mirror has read a recent Gallup poll.

Since 1946 — with the exception of 1976 — Gallup has conducted an annual survey to determined the most favored lady and gentleman in America. Hillary had snagged the top spot 22 times in the past, including a killer consecutive run from 2002 to 2017. Not too shabby.

But Michelle — who’d scored 2nd place three times before — elbowed her off the throne and DDT’d her into humiliation this go ’round.

Oprah placed as runner up.

And here’s more salt in the wound: Hillary tied for third — with sweet, elegant, terrible missus of that cancerous albatross around Hillary’s neck, Melania Trump. Must’ve been a Russian sickle.

For most admired man, Barack Obama took the Gold. Silver went to The Donald, and George W. took home the Bronze, sharing it with Pope Francis.

Barack’s won 11 times in a row.

It seems the Obamas have securely pushed out the Clintons as the nation’s premier Democratic family, even though Michelle didn’t trust Barack when at first they met, due to the fact that white people liked him (here).

Now white people — apparently — like her, too.

But I’m guessing one of them isn’t Hillary Clinton.


BONUS: The late Reverend Billy Graham — who, presumably due to his February passing, wasn’t in the top ten for 2018 — holds the record for most years placing, having made the list an amazing 61 times.



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