Black Congressman Smacks Down Race-Baiting Nitwittery



The Left seems obsessed with race.


The side which evidently believes they own Martin Luther King appears to, with every fiber of their being, vie for a world wholly opposed to everything he stood for. They look bent on separating people by the color of their skin and other meaningless qualities (here, here, here, here, here, and here, and a whole lotta other places, too).


Liberal whites even have a word for “other”: “people of color.” It’s a term for anyone who isn’t Caucasian.


Their explanation aimed at discrediting any person of color who doesn’t subscribe to their political ideology is equally weak: Those who disagree are merely clueless, duped tools of the Right. It’s okay to criticize black people, if they’re conservative; otherwise, it’s racist (here).

Very strange.

Here’s a gift. Amid present political tension and an uncertain tug-of-war over the pit of government shutdown, I thought I’d provide a bit of stick-it-to-’em on this Sunday before Christmas:

Almost exactly one year ago, political blogger Andy Ostroy attacked the GOP for using a single black man as a pawn. In my view, this is fairly akin to attacking a single black man for being black — after all, he wouldn’t have been scrutinized or discredited, had he been white.

Thus, for his work on tax reform, Republican South Carolina congressman Tim Scott was belittled because of his race:

But he shot back. And fried Ostroy.



News to select left-wingers: Black people can do things other than just be black. They can do things that have nothing to do with their skin color. In truth, we are all people of color. And there are three: red, white, and blue.



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