Huh? Man Who Claims to Be a Woman: 'Having a Vagina Does Not Make Me a Woman'



If you went to school before people were cool and enlightened, you may have heard a time or two that girls have vaginas. Well, despite what your teachers — or even your own personal experience — might’ve taught you, that’s total hooey.


So says Angela Ponce, who I covered previously here and here.

The first man to win the title of Miss Spain schooled the world in his interview with Rappler, posted to YouTube on December 15th:

“Having a vagina does not make me a woman. I am a woman and already was before my birth.”

It seems like his penis would have something to say about that.

But that’s only the way it seems:

“Because my identity is up here (pointing to his head), not down there. This determines my being a woman.”

Angela believes he represents everyone:

“The responsibility I feel is that I don’t only represent Spanish women, the women of my country. I represent a diversity of women, of many diverse people in the world who can identify with me.”

If they can identify with him, doesn’t that mean they aren’t diverse?


“Because who hasn’t suffered from prejudice? Who hasn’t had to deal with bullying? Who hasn’t had to deal with some kind of discrimination in their lives?”


As pointed out by The Daily Wire, the World Health Organization’s newest edition of the International Classification of Diseases manual has removed gender confusion from the disorderly mix.


Here’s the official explanation — as featured in the 2nd video below — as to why:

“[B]ecause we had (a) better understanding that this wasn’t actually a mental health condition.”

Newly christened as a disease: video game addiction.

So down with joysticks — those connected to your gaming console, and those connected as an appendage which, despite your lack of vagina, doesn’t mean you’re not a woman.

Oddly, though a vagina doesn’t make someone a woman, Angela’s had doctors try to make him one.

I guess that (lady?) Bob Dylan was right: “The times, they are a-changin’.”





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