CONVICTED: Nut Who Climbed the Statue of Liberty to Protest Trump Eyes a Long Prison Sentence



Some people are nuts.

And some nuts prove that they’re nuts, while thinking they’re in actuality changing the world. That’s how we know they’re nuts: They’re completely clueless to the fact that what they’re doing comes across as insane. It’s like that (paraphrased) line from Casa Mi Padre:


“If you were smart, you’d know how stupid you are.”

As you may remember, on the 4th of July, a huge nut climbed the Statue of Liberty. In her mind, she was really doing something cool: She was teaching the world that President Trump shouldn’t keep “children in cages.” This was, ideologically, vastly ignorant. The country had first responded with horror to photos of kids in cages which were actually staged (here and here). Furthermore, the practice of family separation was the edict of interpreted law, per the left-wing 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (here).

But don’t confuse her with the facts.

And don’t confuse her with the acquitted — 44-year-old Therese Okoumou was convicted Monday in a New York courtroom.

She was brought up on misdemeanor charges, but she faces up to 18 months in prison.

Note the above tweet — her stunt caused a lot of people grief. Thousands of citizens trying to enjoy the holiday and celebrate the birth of our nation had their plans canceled due to her eminent goofiness. Not to mention the fact that the 4-hour ordeal could’ve resulted in great injury by those attending to her. Moreover, she refused to come down, and as stated by a prosecutor in the case, if she’d fallen, she could’ve seriously hurt others.


Activism is sometimes a good way to make a point. Martin Luther King Jr.’s efforts against the will of southern Democrats are such great examples of that. However, these days, it seems that most of the activism of the Left only serves to show that they’re actively giving pecans, almonds, and cashews a run for their money.


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