Playboy Model Arrested for Blasphemous Naked Crucifixion Photo Shoot in Front of Vatican



A Belgian Playboy playmate was taken to a Roman jail Sunday after she…

This is really incredible…

She walked across the Vatican, carrying a cross as Christ…completely naked.



Marisa Papen was held in custody for over 10 hours due to a series of nude-photograph stunts, which included her being crucified.

The sacrilege was courtesy of Australian photographer Jess Walker, head honcho of ENKI Eyewear.

One photo showed her sitting naked on a stack of Bibles in St. Peter’s Square. Another had her on a cross, with a small cross being painted on her forehead in the color of blood.

Italian police interrupted their shoot, and a chase ensued.

The 26-year-old said she was in the process of getting dressed at the time:

“I was right in the middle of putting on my underwear when two police cars suddenly arrived and another four cops approached us on foot, brandishing their batons and saying ‘passports please.'”

Police went to couple’s rented Airbnb, where they found a crown of thorns, priest costumes, rosaries, fake blood, and a giant crucifix.

This is the second time the Playmate’s been arrested for posing naked in public, the first being at the Karnak Temple Complex in Egypt.

As per Marisa, neither of the pair learned their lesson:

“There we were again, behind bars in a tiny little cell with dirt and ash on the floor. Jesse and I looked at each other and we burst out laughing.”


I’m not comfortable posting any of the photos. If you’d like to see them — and if you have a strong stomach for offense to Christianity, here’s a link to a tweet, which can then link you to a display of the photos.



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