During Saturday's 'Wreaths Across America,' Arlington Received a Surprise Visitor; and He Came Alone



At more than 1,400 cemeteries around the nation Saturday, people honored our fallen veterans as part of Wreaths Across America. The organization urges citizens of the world’s beacon of freedom to “Remember our fallen U.S. Veterans. Honor those who serve. Teach your children the value of freedom.”


At Arlington National Cemetery, patriots waited in long lines to place Christmas wreaths on the graves of those who gave their lives for our liberty.

Roughly an hour into the event, those at the home of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier received an incredible surprise, as the President of the United States made an unannounced visit. Alone.

He walked through the cemetery in the rain, carrying a large black umbrella and observing the tributes made to our Brave.

Last month, the President came under fire for not attending an Arlington ceremony on Veterans Day, later telling Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday of his regret:

“I could have done that. As you know, I just left the day before the American Cemetery (in France), and I probably think — and that was one where it was raining as hard as you can imagine, and I made a speech at the American Cemetery the day before, and I probably —  you know, in retrospect I should have, and I did last year, and I will virtually every year.”


In his few brief remarks Saturday, Trump said there are plans to expand Arlington — the resting place of more than 400,000 men and women — via the purchase of land nearby. Trump also complimented volunteers and organizers for Wreaths Across America:

“They do a great job, a really great job. Thank you.”

Trump made his constituents proud with the visit. Never before has he looked more presidential. For another heartwarming story about the President and veterans, please see here.

This year, WRA shipped an incredible 1.75 million wreaths for ceremonies in all 50 states. To donate, please click here.


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