Gigantic Sex Abuse Scandal Erupts from Man Touted by Democratic 2020 Favorite Oprah



Good grief.

A faith healer in Brazil who gained international attention thanks to Democratic star player (and 2020 anti-Trump favorite) Oprah Winfrey is, to use the vernacular, in a pickle.


Because of his…well…okay, I’ll resist.

Spiritual healer João Teixeira de Faria, otherwise known as “John of God,” is now wanted by authorities on charges of sex abuse by — not tens, but — hundreds of women.


Hell hath no fury…

João’s exposure as a creep first came via a December 7th Brazilian television appearance by Dutch choreographer Zahira Maus, whereupon she accused the psychic surgeon of abusing her. That opened the floodgates for at least 258 women coming forward with similar charges.

Prosecutors in the Brazilian state of Goias are calling for João’s arrest.

They may have greater reason than the above suggests — Reuters claims the 258 stat; however, the South China Morning Post puts it at over 450.

He’s gonna have a lot of explaining to do.

Prior to broadcast, the Brazilian program on which Zahira guested — Rede Globo — had been investigating the faith healer for three months, during which they’d interviewed dozens of other alleged victims.

As Reuters reports, on Wednesday, João appeared publicly for the first time since the story broke, reassuring his followers that he is wholly innocent and will not resist arrest:


“Brothers and my dear sisters, I thank God for being here. I want to comply with Brazilian law. I am in the hands of the law. John of God is still alive.”

As stated by The New York Times, Dem favorite Oprah brought João to the world’s attention:

[His accusers] have upended the image of Mr. Faria, whose global fame exploded after Oprah Winfrey broadcast a profile of him in 2010 and then interviewed him during a visit to his center in 2012.

In a 2010 profile, Oprah Winfrey said: “People around the world credit John of God and the spirits that work through him for many miraculous healings. He has also been misunderstood by some, persecuted by others and even accused of impropriety.”

Ms. Winfrey’s one-on-one interview in 2012, which aired the following year, turbocharged his fame. It is no longer available on her website.
“I went to Brazil in 2012 to tape an episode of ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’ that explored the controversial healing methods of John of God,” Ms. Winfrey said in a statement. “The episode aired in 2013. I empathize with the women now coming forward and hope justice is served.”

Will the Left link Oprah to this horror, the way they would (and have, in situations of association with those engaged in impropriety) if she were Trump? And remember — we must believe all women. I will say, though, if 450 chicks are calling you a dog, you’re probably fit for the kennel.



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