7-Year-Old Migrant Dies of Dehydration; Media & Left Blame U.S. & Trump



Last week, hours after being taken into custody by U.S. Border Patrol, a 7-year-old member of the migrant caravan passed away. Reportedly, little Jackeline Caal died of dehydration and exhaustion. She and her father were part of a large group detained after sneaking into the U.S. along the New Mexico border.


Naturally, there’s nothing quite like a pilgrimage across a continent to dehydrate and exhaust. Yet, headlines for The Washington Post and Time made it sound as if the Border Patrol was somehow responsible for the horror.

As for WaPo, the article clearly suggests the U.S. played some part in the child’s terrible demise:

The child’s death is likely to intensify scrutiny of detention conditions at Border Patrol stations and CBP facilities that are increasingly overwhelmed by large numbers of families seeking asylum in the United States.

However, the Post’s story reveals she was doomed by events prior to the crowd’s capture: Eight hours after being taken in, she began having seizures. Her fever grew to 105.7. She was transported immediately to a hospital, but she passed away with 24 hours.

According to Border Patrol records, Jackeline hadn’t been given food or water for several days.

So who is responsible? Border Patrol? ICE? Republicans? Trump?

How about the people who forced her to go on such a harsh journey, with insufficient supplies?


For some people, the blame lies squarely on the shameful U.S.:

This guy thinks it doesn’t matter what kills you; it only matters where you die. So Cedars Sinai is responsible for every celebrity death of the past 60 years?


As per white guy Shaun King — who pretends to be black for some reason — it all falls on the shoulders of Donald Child-Hater Trump:

And then there was this nut:


Actress Wanda Sykes — who I very much like — evidently thinks it was racism that caused the tragedy:

Okay…maybe Europeans don’t die from dehydration and exhaustion while in Border Patrol custody because people from Europe don’t trek across a continent to get to our southern border.

Food for thought.

There’s a continuous mantra of the Left, and one I can’t understand — they talk of “dehumanizing” the migrants. It isn’t dehumanizing to say immigration laws must be followed. I don’t mean to set that up as a straw man, but what the heck else are they referencing?


There were some Twitter users who didn’t fall for the baseless suggestion of U.S. guilt:

The death of a little girl is dreadful. And the world is full of places less good than the U.S. For some reason, many on the Left seem to want to simultaneously denigrate our country while portraying it as a place to which everyone deserves to upgrade. Moreover, despite their insistence, conservatives have empathy just as do liberals; wanting the law to be obeyed does not function to the contrary. Just ask Bill Clinton, as seen in the video below. Meanwhile, the hardship of travel comes from distance, time, resources, and the choice to make the journey. Furthermore, fault lies with those who, from this side of the border (and the other), convinced thousands that the U.S. was ripe for entry outside of legal immigration (here).

A little girl has been lost. And it wasn’t her fault. It also wasn’t the fault of the Land of Opportunity or its laws and their enforcement. It was the fault of something worse. Something I hope never happens again.



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