STUPIDEST: Pelosi Says Trump Wants a Shutdown for Christmas, Immediately Corrects Herself: 'Holiday'



To glimpse the incredible stupidity of cultural marxism, look no further than Nancy Pelosi’s comments following the absolutely awesome burndown that was Trump’s on-camera meeting with Pelosi and Schumer Tuesday.


My goshthat’s what we need more of in politics: open debate with genuine words. I’m talking about Trump, of course. I can’t say how authentic Pelosi is, especially since she’s not even willing to recognize the reality of an upcoming planetary celebration.

While speaking to the press, Nancy made a remark which — for a brief moment — sounded like the musing of a normal person:

“Unfortunately, the President chooses to shut down the government. We have a Trump Shutdown as a Christmas present.”

Okay…that’s nothing to write home about.

But Nancy quickly and erroneously corrected her terrible error of lack of error. Here’s the full comment:

“Unfortunately, the President chooses to shut down the government. We have a Trump Shutdown as a Christmas present — a holiday present — to the American people.”

I don’t know much about Holiday; do they give presents on Holiday?

Good grief — the horror: for a short moment, Nancy Pelosi came across as someone who’s lived in the real world for decades. But she squashed that immediately, returning to some alternate universe where Christmas and Christians — I guess — don’t exist. And where everyone’s offended by the notion that they could. And also, a world in which people celebrate something called Holiday.


What does Holiday commemorate?

I have a suggestion: how about we use Holiday to observe the idiocy of anyone having ever said “Holiday” in place of Christmas, while no other holiday is replaced by “Holiday”? How about we get up bright and early one morning — all of us, around the world — and think on the stupidity of the non-existent Holiday and its fans, for which and for whom no one exchanges gifts, no one gathers as a family, and no one gives a flying ______ (insert your favorite applicable word). On Holiday, though, I hope we experience a Holiday miracle: I hope Nancy Pelosi comes down our chimneys, delivering — in her words — “crumbs” ($3,000, as per her astute assessment of the glories of the Republican-led tax reform — here):

Dear Sancy Claws:

I would like ten crumbs for Holiday, please. And here’s a carrot for your reindeerangement. Beta carotene may reduce dementia, such as the delusion that there’s a holiday called Holiday (and a tax reform called Armageddon — here).

In the meantime, Donald Trump’s hung his stockings. Let’s see if government shutdown comes to his mantle.

As I wrote previously, he’s standing his ground (here). What he wants isn’t a shutdown; it’s national security, via enforceable borders. He’s determined to get it, even if that means Nancy has to have a Blue Holiday.



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