Condolences to Julia Roberts: The Absolute Worst Typo You've Seen All Year

Typos stnk.

They realy do.

For some of you who happen to view an article of mine as soon as it hits the web, I apologize — I always end up making corrections once it’s posted. Consistently, when I first see it in all its published glory, I’m made aware of more gaffes. Furthermore, I have a proofreader who follows up after the fact, and often, she schools me. Mistakes, mistakes.


But as Benjamin Franklin discovered — and as chronicled hilariously in his autobiography (which I highly, highly recommend) — perfection is unattainable.

Still, I’ve never hada typo this bad.

The Post-Journal newspaper of Jamestown, New York recently ran a feature on actress Julia Roberts and her career uptick after more than three decades in the business.

That’s nice. I like Julia.

But it doesn’t sound like the Post-Journal does. Their headline?

Well, just take a look for yourself:


So far as I’ve seen, never in the history of newspapers — or of holes — has there been such an unfortunate error.

Although, I will say this: at least her holes are oozing with success.

The Post-Journal was running an Associated Press article wherein Julia noted, “With age comes more complexity of possible parts.”

Sorry ’bout that, Julia. But keep those roles comin’.

Roberts is a fantastic actress, and I look forward to her lighting up the silver screen for years to come.


Do you enjoy Julia? What’s your favorite hol– I mean, role, that she’s played? For a few examples of enjoyable movies, I’m gonna go with Sleeping With the Enemy, Runaway Bride, Conspiracy Theory (with Mel Gibson), Erin Brockovich, and Notting Hill (with Spike). How ’bout you? Let us all know in the Comments section.


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