WATCH: Students in Georgia Want Clarence Thomas's Name Removed from Campus; Then They're Asked Why



And after a couple days traveling and a few days getting ready to do that…I’m BACK.

In my absence, the world got just a little bit goofier. Like this thing:


In October, goofbal– I mean, students…at Georgia’s Savannah College of Art and Design initiated a petition with a mission that would make any early 90’s Democrat or any present-day person who doesn’t know things swoon: to remove Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s name from a building on campus. So far, they’re at 2,000 signatures.

Gee, that’s something I’d guess people who were born in 2000 would know a lot about: the political intricacies of a situation which occurred before their parents met at an R.E.M. concert.

In a Campus Reform man-on-the-street-style video, CR asked the goofb– dang it, sorry — the students why they thought Thomas’s name should be banned.

Side note–

To sum up the Clarence Thomas situation almost 30 years ago: Clarence Thomas was George H.W. Bush’s pick for SCOTUS. The Democrats hate Republicans, so they tried to block Thomas’s confirmation. At one point, they brought in a lady who said he did weird things while she worked for him. Oddly, despite her claims, she’d followed him from one job to another, apparently not much bothered at the time by strange sexual eccentricities such as mentioning pubic hair on his can of coke. The lady’s allegations were never shown to have any merit whatsoever. At all. He ascended to the court.

Democrats decided they’d rather have reality be a different way, so in rhetoric on television and in movies, they just kept using Clarence Thomas as a posterchild for sexual harassment, just ’cause.


“We’re liberal Democrats…Down with the powerful black man!”

The lady whose charges were never shown to have merit is still praised by Democrats today, for no apparent reason.

There ya go — short history.

Anyway, back to the goo– [throat clear] students:

When asked why Clarence should be 86’d, the opinionated youngsters provided a clear, concise reason for their opinion: they don’t know why they have their opinion.


If you haven’t noticed, nearly everyone goes to college now. In other words, remember that dolt in your class that you knew would end up failing basic training, flunking out of a trade school, and end up mopping for a living until he could get on disability and relish his addition to Percoset? Well, in 2018 America, that guy goes to college.

In the video, one student compares Clarence to Hitler. Why? Who knows. Consider it a pre-mop faux pas.

A guy in a bandana explains, “I honestly think he should be removed.”

But then that greatest of horrors strikes: the follow-up question. When asked why, Bandana Guy pontificates, “I don’t know. Um. Hmmm. Do you mind if I get back to you?”

Steve Martin taught us long ago that a grand hallmark of stupidity is to “[argue about] things [we] don’t know about.”

Example: signing a petition — or even having an opinion — about things of which you’re totally ignorant.

Watch the video below. It’s always nice to see the current collegiate crop. To their credit, some of them did okay.



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