Virginia School Bans Jesus for Christmas



So…It’s Christmas.

Let me say that again: Christmas.

It’s about to be Christmas Day. And therefore, people are celebrating Christmas.


But not at a school in Virginia. They’re celebrating…Somethingelsemas.

In the name of that most virtuous yet, ironically-labeled left-wing moral imperative of “diversity,” Robious Middle School has banned certain Christmas songs from being performed by the school’s chorus: those about Jesus.

Because…you don’t wanna make someone…wait for it…

…and wait…

…and wait…

…and here we go…


As confirmed by an email sent to Richmond’s NBC 12, received by school dad David Allen from the school’s choir teacher:

“We had a few students who weren’t comfortable singing a piece I have done many times in the past, but it is of a sacred nature and does mention Jesus.”


So the songs were ditched, in order to “be more sensitive to the increasingly diverse population at the school.”

David noted the contradiction:

“They were unable to [sing this song] because the word Jesus was in there and apparently someone assumed it was of a sacred nature. At the same time that I had gotten this information I had got a diversity notice from Robious Middle School regarding a club they have or a meeting.”


Allen pointed out that, when you exclude things in the name of inclusion, you’re an idiot. I mean, he said you shouldn’t exclude things and call it diversity:

“It just seems like…everywhere you look everyone’s afraid of stepping on someone’s toes or everything is being so sensitive. I’m trying to rationalize how you can encourage diversity and yet be exclusionary in one specific area.”

That would be correct.

The upcoming concert will be a “Winter Concert.”

Also impending: the school’s “Holiday Party.”

I’d love to attend; but I don’t celebrate Holiday.

Academia isn’t exactly hitting home runs lately. As I pointed out yesterday, here are some recent incidents:

  • A cancellation of The Vagina Monologues because it excludes women who don’t possess vaginas (here)
  • A teacher forced to quit because he believes in accurate pronouns (here)
  • A banning of expensive coats because they’re unfair (here)
  • A cancellation of a Disney musical because it’s racist (here)
  • A barring of Chick-fil-A, against the literal vote of students, because it’s not politically “progressive” (here)

Way to go, everybody.


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