WallStreet Journal Calls Russian President 'Vladimir Trump'



C’mon, folks!

If it were a left-wing publication, surely many would find it difficult to believe it was an accident. And who knows — perhaps Alex Jones would blame it on a Democratic operative within the company. Either way, there was a major mess-up Thursday, when a Wall Street Journal article called the president of Russia “Vladimir Trump.”



For a moment, readers surely thought they were reading a piece by MSNBC or CNN (here and here).

The story concerned Trump’s cancellation of a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The relentlessly-and-mythically-paired-by-the-Left (here and here) duo was set to discuss the Kremlin’s attack upon — and seizure of — Ukrainian ships, which it claims were in Russian territory.

That piece featured a correction at the bottom:

“Vladimir Putin is president of Russia. An editing mistake erroneously identified him as Vladimir Trump in an earlier version of this article.”


Democrats must’ve loved the mistake: leading up to — and for quite a while after — President Trump’s meeting with Vladimir in Helsinki earlier in the year, the Left lost its mind, obsessed with the notion that the two were in cahoots, as if the pair was maniacally planning to destroy the world. As opposed to the left-wing networks, which are only determined to destroy the news.

It was just an accident; but the story read, no doubt, as so many unhinged and gullible millennials (and others) feared all news would read, post November 2016 (here).


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