The Washington Post Labels Tucker Carlson a 'Neo-Nazi Favorite'



On Thursday, The Washington Post really laid an egg. Media critic Erik Wemple labeled Tucker Carlson a “neo-Nazi favorite.”

Good grief.


Wemple’s evidence? Stats reported by Buzzfeed, which revealed that the website The Daily Stormer — run by neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin — sported articles about Tucker, well, a bunch:

“An analysis by an independent researcher, who requested anonymity because he feared retaliation from Anglin and other neo-Nazis, found that Carlson had been featured in 265 articles on the Daily Stormer between November 2016 and November 2018. By way of comparison, Sean Hannity, considered President Trump’s most rock-ribbed supporter on Fox News, was featured in 27 articles in the same time period; Laura Ingraham, another Fox News host, in four; and Lou Dobbs, whose Fox Business show frequently focuses on the alleged dangers posed by immigrants, two. The researcher used subject tags, created by Daily Stormer to categorize topics on its site, to arrive at the above numbers. BuzzFeed News was able to independently verify the researcher’s work by using the same method.”

Tucker, according to Wemple, is super good at pleasing racists:

“Whereas a host like Hannity, for example, forever parrots Trump’s talking points — the Robert S. Mueller III investigation is a “witch hunt”; the “fake news” media is out to get the president — Carlson has consistently pursued storylines and polemical themes that please racists. Carlson hypes alleged crimes and dislocation caused by immigration; he demands that U.S. elites defend the cliche that diversity is our greatest strength; he circulates bogus material about South Africa’s alleged injustices against white farmers; and he cheers on Trump’s hard-line immigration policies…. Anglin, who runs the site, has issued a number of boosterish statements about Carlson, including describing him as a ‘machine of ultimate destruction’ and ‘a one-man HOLOCAUST!’”


Alleged crimes? Bogus material?

Hmmm… There’s a word for Trump’s “hard-line” on immigration; it’s called “the law.” Was Bill Clinton especially good at appealing to Nazis? He said this:

Furthermore, it seems clear that Wemple’s trying to taint Tucker as some sort of Nazi. If not, what’s the point of the editorial?

And if it’s his intention, what kind of logic is that? A Nazi watches Tucker Carlson, so he’s a Nazi? What of actual Nazi premises? “Nazi” stands for National Socialist. What, therefore, of MSNBC, CNN, The Young Turks, and — dare I say, The Washington Post (here and here) hyping Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

Tucker’s been asked before about bad people watching his program, and he’s explained that it says nothing of his positions. To Wemple, that’s not good enough:

“The reason the question needs to be posed to Carlson is that he has deflected the matter with his characteristic extemporaneous brilliance when it has been presented to him in the past. … No one talks his way around a white-nationalist problem as effectively as Tucker Carlson.”

Well, there ya go. Tucker Carlson, King of White Nationalist Problems.


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