Banned Laura Loomer Handcuffs Herself to Twitter Building, Protests Double Standard



On Thursday, 25-year-old self-described “Jewish conservative journalist” and Twitter-banned activist Laura Loomer handcuffed herself to the social media giant’s New York headquarters in a protest over the company’s incongruous treatment of “hate speech.”


She explained her demonstration with the following:

“I threw away the key, and I’m here for the millions of conservatives who have been censored by (Twitter CEO) Jack Dorsey and [Facebook CEO] Mark Zuckerberg.”


“We need to have a conversation in this country. I think Jack Dorsey really needs to issue a statement and address this. Why are you allowed to call for jihad? Why are you allowed to say, ‘Kill all white people’? Why are you allowed to say, ‘I hope someone kills President Trump’ or ‘I want to assassinate the President,’ but…you’re not allowed to even exist as a conservative?”

Loomer got the Twitter boot last week over her tweet against Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Oman, related to female genital mutilation:

“Isn’t it ironic how the twitter moment used to celebrate ‘women, LGBTQ, and minorities’ is a picture of Ilhan Omar? Ilhan is pro-Sharia Ilhan is pro FGM. Under Sharia homosexuals are oppressed and killed. Women are abused and forced to wear the hijab. Ilhan is anti-Jewish.”

As part of her protest, Loomer displayed a side-by-side comparison of her tweet and one by famed anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan (here and here):

“I’m not an anti-Semite. I’m anti-Termite.”

Farrakhan’s account remains in perfect standing. 

Wearing a gold Star of David, Laura held a sign which read, “Jew Hatred? A-Ok! Nosey Jew? Banned!”


Twitter declined to press charges.

She ended her one-woman rally just after 6:00.

The police cutting the handcuffs is confusing; as I understand it, handcuffs don’t have unique keys; therefore, the cops should’ve been able to use a key of their own. Perhaps those of you in law enforcement can correct me if I’m wrong.

Will Laura’s protest change anything? Will it get the attention it deserves? Most likely, no. Not in the mainstream media, at least in the proper light.

But social media needs to be examined, and to examine itself. Twitter, as a private company, can do what it wants, and should. However, decency regulations should be clearly stated and evenly applied. And so long as there are left-wingers tweeting ugliness and yet remaining “on air,” something is very, very wrong.


Just ask Sarah Jeong, editorial writer for The New York Times:

And Bonus (here):



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