WATCH: MSNBC on the Scene with the Migrants -- They Just Want to Go Home Now



The migrant caravan issue is a big, sloppy, twisted, ridiculous, disturbing, bad-for-everybody mess.

And, at least, some of those sleeping in a soccer stadium know it (here).


On Tuesday, an MSNBC reporter on the scene said many of the Central Americans currently in No Man’s Land —  after months of travel and a life at the moment spent waiting in line for half an hour just to use a Port-o-Potty — just want to go home.

I must say — honestly, I think we all agree that nothing can make you want to go home more than the prospect of using a Port-o-Potty. Ever want somebody to get the heck out? Just set up the Port-o-Potty and wait. Pro tip: Make sure 2,000 people have used it first. Presto Change-O.

Presently, Mexico has set up tents for the folks. And it’s helping those who may want to return to the caravan’s origins.

For those who give up on entering the U.S. by force but don’t wanna click their heels and trek back to a war-ravaged homeland, Mexico is open to providing temporary work visas. But a lot of them just want to turn around.

As reported by Fox News, here are the current stats:

“The total number of migrants in Tijuana alone break down this way: 6,062 total, comprising of 3,877 men, 1,127 women and 1,058 children.”

Tijuana wants all those people to disperse, in one way or another — authorities say the city’s being milked of $35,000 a day. That sum could necessitate a tax raise for its citizens.


Welcome to left-wing policies.

Nobody’s happy in this situation (here).

Welcome to left-wing policies.

The MSNBC guy says…brace yourself…most of them don’t qualify as asylum seekers. WHAT?!

“Some of them may be eligible for asylum in the United States, but they are in the minority of this caravan.”

Yep. I know — hard to understand. The Left have been telling us that’s what all this is: a group of many thousands who are seeking asylum. In fact, according to the media, that was the sole composition of those family separated at the border by 666-tattooed Donald Lucifer Trump (here and here). What gives?

MSNBC’s man on the scene explained that the travelers have awakened to a harsh reality: It’s difficult to get in to the U.S. So home’s a-callin’.

“Now that they’re here…and they have realized that it’s very difficult to get into the United States, especially after what happened on Sunday, some of them are deciding to turn back. In fact…this is a tent that’s been set up by a bunch of different governmental agencies here in Mexico. This is where people come who want to go back to Honduras or Guatemala or El Salvador. These are people that have decided that it is time to go back and that they don’t have the opportunities that they wanted here.”



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