Stacey Abrams Files Lawsuit Over Georgia Defeat Because 'It Was Not Fair'



And it continues…

Earlier this month, Stacey Abrams lost. In Georgia. Then she didn’t lose, then did lose, then said she didn’t lose even though she lost (here).


Now her organization’s filing a lawsuit over her defeat by former Secretary of State Brian Kemp.

On Monday, the embittered candidate mass-emailed news of her new organization Fair Fight, continuing her insistence that the election wasn’t right:

“It was not fair to the millions of Georgians who were purged from the voting rolls.”

Fair Fight held a news conference Tuesday to announce their suit to “address the gross mismanagement of this election and to protect future elections from unconstitutional actions.”

Abrams’s former campaign manager, Lauren Groh-Wargo, is Fair Fight’s CEO.

A piece of good advice in life, it seems to me, is, “You should always stand up for yourself.” So if Stacey really believes she was wronged, she should follow that advice. On the other hand, though, at what point do you just say, “Hey — I lost”? Of all the looks in post-election American politics, “The Hillary Clinton” is not among the best (here, here, here, here, and all other places as well).

For a woman who wanted to confiscate America’s most popular hunting rifle (here) — which, by the way, could’ve easily singularly triggered a Georgia loss — Stacey sure seems intent upon locking, loading, and firing against the election until democracy drops like a big-game prize to hang on her wall — behind the governor’s desk.



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