Homeland Security: 170 'Families' at the Border Have Been Exposed as Fake in Just Six Months



As we know, according to the Left, things at the border are as simplistic as an episode of Leave It to Beaver (here). For example, the extraction of children from jail cells according to the 9th Circuit Court’s edict, in response to Obama-era lawsuits, in response to a Democratic Congress’s legislation, based on the Clinton administration’s Flores Agreement — otherwise known in the media as “family separation” (here) — was the evil act of an evil Trump taking Ward, June, Wally and the Beav and destroying their loving home to get his tormenting-young-tykes jollies.


Similarly, every human being at the border is an “asylum seeker,” which automatically means they should all just come on in. Furthermore, they’re all families.

That goes right along with the Democratic platform — as Christopher Reeve long ago told us at the Democratic National Convention, “We’re all family, and…we all have value.”

So why does SatanHitler Donald Trump want to personally spray tear gas right into the faces of the Cleavers (here)?

Well, as it turns out, there’s this terrible new villain in town, a black-hatted baddie with a penchant for buzzkillin’. And his name is Reality.

On Tuesday, the Department of Homeland Security revealed that 170 illegal immigrant “families” have been comprised of people not related to one another — a ruse intended to gain them access to the U.S.

They lied?! Say it ain’t so! Believe all women!!!!!!!! (here and here)

Those 170 fakes involved 507 illegal immigrants — 139 of them children, accompanied by just some jive turkeys.

DHS reports that between April 19th and November 30th, the number of fake families increased by 110%.

Now back to family separation: Remember how the Left said it was torture? Well, first of all, it was mandated by court because children shouldn’t be imprisoned. Thanks to the Left and Trump’s chaos-encircled executive order (here), we’re back to imprisoning kids.



I guess, maybe — as indicated by Sputnik News:

“The department believes that the sharp increase in the number of fraudulent migrant families appearing at the US border is connected to the Flores v. Reno Settlement Agreement, which prevents illegal migrants’ children from being detained for lengthy periods of time; instead, it stipulates that they should be released, often along with their parents, as they wait for their immigration cases to be processed.”

To any and all bozos involved who created such a mess: Way to go.

Anyway, food for thought, as the Left continues to bestow sainthood upon everyone at the U.S./Mexico line. Scrutiny isn’t always a bad thing; as it turns out, maybe the Border Patrol needs to be a little hard on the Beaver.


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