Donald Trump to Washington Post: If Democrats Deny Wall Funding, I Have a Backup Plan




In a relationship, they’re bad. In a tornado, however, niiiiiiiiice. Unless you wanna end up in a tree.

We’re gonna wind up in a pickle, perhaps, if migrant caravan’d mob missiles keep heading for the U.S.-Mexico border. And if Democrats wield their power to prevent border funding.


So what’s a Trump to do, if he can’t get the money for his much-touted, campaign-promised barrier?

He could throw in his own money, but the project — as covered by The New York Times — would cost $70 billion to build, and $150 million annually to maintain.

And the President, at maximum, is worth only a wimpy $10 billion.

In an interview with The Washington Post Tuesday, POTUS talked — among other things — about that all-important barricade between chaos and national security.

He blamed Democrats for the fact that we still haven’t seen the beginning of construction:

“[I]t’s the Democrats’ fault that we don’t have a wall, because they never gave us the vote. They just wouldn’t give us the vote.”

Trump pointed to recent events as more proof than ever that a wall is necessary. He also indicated — dare I say — faith in Democrats to do the right thing:

“I think that’s been shown better than ever in the last short period of two weeks — that we need a wall. I see the Democrats are going to want to do something, because they understand too. Those pictures are very bad for the Democrats. We’re not having a wall because of the Democrats.”

Indeed. The President deployed 5,000 troops to the border (here), which — along with installing wire (here) — seems to have been a good idea, given Sunday’s human stampede (here).

But Dems present a hurdle to the next phase:


“We need Democrat votes to have a wall.”

We almost had ’em, Trump lamented, but then a wrench was thrown:

“We almost had a deal, except when — I mean, actually, it wasn’t their fault, wasn’t our fault, it was on DACA. We almost had a deal, and then the judge ruled shockingly in favor of Obama’s signature, when even Obama said what he’s doing is not legal. Essentially, he said, it’s not going to hold up. But when the judge ruled, all of a sudden it was like, that’s the end of that deal. But we were very close to having a deal — $25 billion for a wall and various other things on the border. And DACA. And when the judge shockingly — you know, the Democrats never thought they were going to win that, and then you had another couple of judges rule, and then you had judges rule the other way. It’s going to be settled I assume in the Supreme Court. But we were close to having a deal on DACA until that ruling.”

But have no fear: The Leader of the Free World indicated a few tricks up his sleeve, if the other side of the aisle blocks funding with a…wall…of resistance. Trump has in mind, in fact, a backup plan. Or plans:

 “Now, if we don’t get it, will I get it done another way? I might get it done another way. There are other potential ways that I can do it. You saw what we did with the military, just coming in with the barbed wire and the fencing, and various other things.”

If a secondary approach is necessary, fans of the wall will no doubt be glad there’s a Plan B. Will the current and near-future goings-on between Tijuana and the San Diego area bolster Democratic support? Or will the Left cry tears of insanity over even crowd-control-level uses of tear gas canisters (here and here)?


Whichever way it goes, hope will remian. Because Donald Trump will remain what 2016 voters saw him to be: a man who intends to get things done.


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