Kevin Hart and His Wife are Attacked by the Social Justice Mob Over Child's Birthday Party



Remember how you used to be able to have fun?

Yeah, well you can’t do that anymore.

Everything must be offensive. Everything must be off-limits. And everything must absolutely be not fun.


A growing horde of social justice warriors — that would be, people who fight in order to seem to fight — want to invalidate everything (here, here, and here). They’re engaged in the most immature of games, one in which they compete to see who can appear to be the most offended. Collateral damage in that game is everything that’s ever been good.

As the immaturity rises and the stakes lower, the most harmless becomes the most outrage-inducing. Cut to Kevin Hart’s child’s recent birthday party.

Kevin and his wife, Eniko Parrish, have come under fire for the birthday bash they threw for 1-year-old son, Kenzo. The party had a theme, and it’s gonna hurt. Parental Advisory.

Here we go:

The theme of the party was Cowboys and Indians.

You know how cowboys and Indians existed? Well, you can’t reference that existence by dressing up like them.

Eniko posted some photos of the shindig on Instagram Thursday. Apparently, she should’ve had a pow-wow with some SJW’s first.

Check it out:

“Zos cowboys & indians party was nothing but amazing! Thanks to everyone for coming.. we love you guys!”


Cue the indignation:

“What year is it in your home? 1955? You had a million options and went with redface?”

“As fellow aboriginal people, y’all should know why this ‘theme’ is wrong on so many levels. Sickening.”

“As a person of color you SHOULD know better, than again, I dont see you standing up for nothing but laughs,”

“Cowboys and Indians? Can you not afford a publicist who would explain the reality [of] such a terrible idea?”

“Da f— were you ‘thinking’?! Obviously, NOT thinking. I guess if you have money it’s alright to be stupid and offensive.”

One person tried a double-decker SJW hat trick — two castigations for the price of one (PLUS: being racist while accusing someone of being racist):

“Oh and btw look at how the whites are defending your decision for it enjoy the privilege of the whites.”


Then a commenter laid claim to the entirety of Indians, which is, of course, ridiculous. This is what social justice has done: It’s convinced people they have some kind of ownership or authority because of their DNA. As Donald would say:

“My family is American Indian and comes from a long line of men and women continuing to advocate for equality for all people. Educating people who are unaware of our heritage should be our number one priority. And while my initial reaction was anger…”



Goof. I wonder if they knew this history.

I will give them this, though: they used the term American Indian, rather than the completely misrepresentative “Native American.” They tried to show their the bigger person, even though they in some way own a culture:

“…the only way to have a conversation is to approach it from a place of humility. A first birthday party is a big deal. I don’t think this was done to offend … But to have fun.”

That’s nice.

But cultural appropriation isn’t. If you like that shocking sting of eating a hot pepper or the invigoration of a quick scald, check out some of the other photos below.


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