Border Patrol President Defends the Use of Tear Gas, Says Men Used Women and Children as Shields



On Sunday, the Border Patrol tossed tear gas canisters in response to a “human stampede,” the prediction of which I covered on Friday (here).


Response by the Left was predictable — if Trump is in office, everything is a Nazi-style travesty.

Two of the most ridiculous responses on Twitter came from Congressman Brian Schatz and actress/political master Alyssa Milano. Schatz really schatzed his pants over the ordeal, calling tear gas a “chemical weapon.”

Let me just take a moment to allow the incredible dumbness of that to marinate. Just a bit…and a bit more…aaaand okay.

Alyssa questioned what we’ve become as a society (answer: the same thing we were when Obama was president), then she launched an expletive-filled tirade against Führer Trump (here).

But curiously, the chief of the National Border Patrol Council has a different opinion than a couple of goofballs: Brandon Judd says the gas constituted an “appropriate level of action.”

On the Fox News program Outnumbered Overtime, Judd — a 21-year veteran of the Border Patrol — explained it this way:

“The way these people rushed the border was absolutely monstrous. They pushed women and children up front, and then behind those women and children, they started throwing rocks, cement bricks, they started throwing bottles at our Border Patrol agents. And so it became a very, very dangerous situation. Not just for our agents, but it also became a dangerous situation for the public at large. We were forced to use the action that we used, and it was the appropriate level of action. We did not use kinetic force on any children. We launched tear gas into the area, which then caused the group to disperse, and we were able to get control of it.”


Right. That sounds reasonable.

You get that, Left? Reasonable. Not maniacal. Not inflammatory. Not sinister. Not fascistic. Not evil. Just the dispensation of a harmless but objectionable substance into the air, to convince people to get away.

Judd also questioned Mexico’s allowance of the bum rush to happen in the first place:

“This is something that our partners to the south need to work with us on, so that we do not have to feel the brunt of this pressure.”

Uhhh, yeah.

Speaking of goofballs, Judd called some out himself:

“We’ve never seen a caravan of this size. Nor have we seen the violence that’s been associated with caravans before. And that’s what’s becoming very, very untenable, and it’s becoming very disappointing that activist groups continue to allow these groups or encourage these groups to break our laws and to encourage them to try to do things in a manner that is not legal.”

Mexico has vowed to deport the offenders (here). But what of the thousands more, yet to arrive? What if there’s a bigger revolt? And bigger? And bigger?

More to come, no doubt. And hopefully, tear gas continues to be all that’s needed to stop the stampede. If those canisters can’t do the trick, perhaps the government can enlist this man.


Stay tuned.


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