Scientific Study Confirms the Existence of Adam & Eve (PLUS: the Worst Shirt in Political History)



Well, well, well.

A new report affirms the existence of Adam and Eve.

According to the Daily Mail, a new scientific study claims humanity spawned from a single couple, between 100,000 and 200,000 years ago.


The deduction was made, even against the wish of one researcher: David Thaler of the University of Basel, Switzerland, did all he could to prevent it:

“This conclusion is very surprising. And I fought against it as hard as I could.”

Thaler and Senior Research Associate Mark Stoeckle analyzed the DNA of 5 million human and non-human animals. Their finding was thus:

“[We] deduced that we sprang from a single pair of adults after a catastrophic event almost wiped out the human race.”


As promised, I give you the worst shirt in the history of American politics. Ladies and gentlemen, John Kerry at October’s Our Ocean conference in Bali:


Now, back to the story:

Thaler and Stoeckle surmised that 90% of today’s animal species originated from parents who began procreation in the same era, fewer than 250,000 years ago. The conclusion casts doubt, therefore, on the theory of evolution. Stoeckle explained to the Daily Mail:

“At a time when humans place so much emphasis on individual and group differences, maybe we should spend more time on the ways in which we resemble one another and the rest of the animal kingdom. … One might have thought that, due to their high population numbers and wide geographic distribution, humans might have led to greater genetic diversity than other animal species. At least for mitochondrial DNA, humans turn out to be low to average in genetic diversity.”


As it questions evolution, the finding should upset contemporary academia — particularly the more Left of the group. Indeed — in this modern era of so-called “politically correct” goofiness (here, here, and here), when it comes to science at the university level, there’s a whole lot of monkeying around.


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