Mexico to Deport All of the 'Human Stampede' That Rushed the Border (PLUS: The Left Losing Its Mind)



On Friday, I wrote that some of them were going to form a human stampede (here). Well, here ya go.

Mexico’s interior ministry says the government will deport nearly 500 members of the Central America migrant caravan who tried to storm the U.S. border Sunday.


In a statement, the ministry said the mob was detained after attempting to cross the border “illegally” and “violently.”

Video reveals dozens of men, women and children following Taco Bell’s dictate.

They ran for the border and got a taste of tear gas — to which I can attest, personally, is not a whole lot of fun to breathe in.

“Far from helping their objectives,” the statement pointed out, they attempted immigration illegally (Hey, I thought the Left teaches us that “immigration” is illegal immigration [here and here]) and their antics could’ve led to a “serious incident.”

Serious, indeed: Just Tuesday, President Trump OK’d troops at the border to use lethal force if absolutely necessary (here).

Things are sure to only get worse — more caravan’d migrants are set to arrive, further congesting Tijuana and camping in a sports stadium (here), to the tune of about 10,000.

The country’s interior ministry declared that all those involved in Sunday’s attempt will be immediately deported.

That’s racist! You can’t punish people for doing stuff if they’re certain people! Haven’t they heard? They can’t be like Donald “Racist” Trump.

And that’s most definitely a characterization floating among the Left at this very moment — though we’re talking about people who tried to storm our legal border, many across the political aisle are claiming the use of tear gas is an inhumane attack on a minority people (but I have news for left-wingers: in Tijuana, hispanics are not minorities, goofs) because Trump is an evil SatanHitler.


One particularly gargantuan goober asserted that tear gas is a chemical weapon:


And my Long-Lost Like, Alyssa Milano, officially bites the dust:

Tear gas isn’t a pleasure to inhale, but it also isn’t remotely, nearly, anywhere-within-ten-million-miles-of-being commensurate with Alyssa’s tweet.


  • Central Americans don’t celebrate Thanksgiving.
  • Crimes committed on holidays aren’t subject to special leniency.
  • We’re talking about canisters of gas sitting on the ground in the open air; not people being put in a chamber and gassed.
  • The women subjected to tear gas experienced such due to a criminal attempt. If they chose to take children into the scenario, they did so wrongly.
  • Any man or woman who storms any country’s border is lucky if they don’t get shot.
  • What about the Women’s March? I thought women are to be treated no differently than men. When there’s danger, suddenly chicks are different?

According to the BBC, the dash for the border was a strategic, splintered attempt to overtake U.S. security:

Mexico’s Home Secretary, Alfonso Navarrete, said the group had asked for help to organise the demonstration, but had reportedly been encouraged by some of the movement’s leaders to split into different groups and try to cross into the US.

According to news agency AFP, a number managed to climb over the first fence. It was as they tried to cross a second, spike-topped wall that officials on the US side began throwing tear gas.

An AFP journalist saw the migrants – including mothers and children – trying to protect themselves from the gas, with some crying out that they only wanted to find a work and a better life in the US.


It’s starting. We knew 10,000 people headed to the border wasn’t going to end in a bunch of forms being filled out, and then people going back the way they came.

And it’s only going to get worse. Unless Sunday’s events deter further revolt:

Honduran migrant Ana Zuniga, 23, tried to cross with her three-year-old. She told AP: “We ran but when you run the smoke smothers you more.”

I’d say deterrence isn’t likely for people who’ve been traveling for months to penetrate the United States of America.

Is Mexico going to deport thousands? They may need to.

Buckle up.


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