America, Get Ready: Tijuana Declares 'Humanitarian Crisis,' and We're on Deck



This is a story about a foreign place, but not really. A large group intent upon being our responsibility is, for the moment, Tijuana’s. But what’s the timetable on that transition?


For now — and as of Friday — the beleaguered Mexican city is asking the United Nations for help with its “humanitarian crisis” — according to Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum — stemming from the squatting of approximately 5,000 Central Americans on their way to the Promised Land.

Most of the 4,976 men, women, and children are camped inside a sports stadium.

Imagine the sanitation — they’ve been traveling for more than a month.

That’s a lot of funk.

The city’s social services department (of which Gastelum is head) is providing portable toilets (that’s a lot of…) and showers, along with shampoo and soap.

I hope they don’t forget toilet paper. Personally, I find Charmin to be superior.

But I doubt the multitude’ll be getting premium tissue any time soon: the mayor has insisted it’s time for the U.N. to save a sinking ship.

“Because of the absence, the apathy and the abandonment of the federal government, we are having to turn to international institutions like the U.N.”

A volunteer at the sports complex, Tijuana resident Rene Vazquez, suggested Mexico dropped the ball when it let the “horde” (the mayor’s word — here) tromp straight through to the edge of the country:

“I don’t have anything against the migrants, they were the most deceived, but this is affecting us all.”


Vazquez, whose soccer team, pre-caravan, practiced at the stadium, asserted that Mexico should gift visas to the caravan so they can get jobs.

Gastelum has promised he won’t reroute the city’s resources for its own citizens to the benefit of non-citizens.

WHAT????????? Racist! Fascist! Hitler! Satan!

Sorry — that was my parakeet typing; he’s been watching MSNBC talk about the White House.

As reported by the Associated Press:

The migrant caravan that left Honduras in mid-October was mostly well-received by the towns it passed through along the way to the border. Even cities with few resources made sure the migrants had food and a place to rest.

But in those places, the caravan stayed at most two nights — with the exception of Mexico City. In Tijuana, many of the migrants who are fleeing violence and poverty are seeking asylum in the United States and face the prospect of spending months in the border city before they have the opportunity to speak with a U.S. official.

Gastelum said Friday that the Mexican government has talked about sending 20 tons of resources to Tijuana to help but that three-fourths consisted of materials to reinforce the border and only 5 tons were for the migrants.

The mayor also criticized the federal government for not taking more seriously President Donald Trump’s threat Thursday to shut down the border if his administration determined Mexico had lost “control” of the situation in Tijuana.

“That’s serious,” he said.


37-year-old Adelaida Gonzalez, who left Guatemala with her teenage son, told the AP she was tired of having a blanket in the dirt for a bed and waiting half an hour to use the bathroom:

“We would not have risked coming if we had known it was going to be this hard.”

Wow — “this hard.” Gee, maybe there is something to that whole “deterrent” thing.

On Thursday, at the Chaparral border crossing, some migrants staged a protest.

This is where we are: via declarations of sanctuary cities and other left-wing political pandering, a message has been sounded ’round the world so loudly that thousands have been convinced they can go where they want and live where they want, with refusal as an unacceptable outcome. The entire concept of citizenry seems to be getting lost in the dustup for political power across the U.S. And the problem, truthfully, is much wider-spread than some might want me to acknowledge; the GOP shoulders blame as well.

These people — stuck in No Man’s Land — are victims of lies coming from those in power too cowardly to endorse the law. Not just in its specifics, but in its concept: we must have order and systematic procedure. In general as a society and in particular with regard to immigration. For those who want a better life in America, there is a line. But it isn’t the line at the Port-o-Potty in Tijuana; it’s the queue for legal citizenship by way of immigration — a word the Left constantly uses but doesn’t really mean. We have a system. By which those who aspire to live the American dream can attain it. But if laws mean nothing and borders don’t exist, the U.S. ceases to exist; and we melt into the same South America from which thousands — millions — wish to escape.



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