Man Jailed for Making Restaurant Bomb Threat Claims He Was Referring to His Imminent Bowel Movement



This story’s a real gas.

On Tuesday, November 13th — a day which shall live in infamy — 30-year-old Arthur Posey was arrested.

Near Willie’s Chicken Shack in New Orleans.


Arthur’d asked Willie’s manager about the establishment’s closing time, and then — according to a witness — he shouted the following:

“Y’all about to close right now because I’m gonna get a bomb and blow this place up!”


Who blows up a chicken joint?

A guy with a reeeeeal bad feelin’ and a turtlehead poking out, that’s who — or so says Arthur.

The Chicken Shack’s shift manager believed the bomb-threatenin’, white-bag-carryin’ weirdo was promisin’ terrorism.

Maybe that white bag contained an IED?

They notified the Shack’s general manager, who called the po-po.

As per, the incident left the supervisor rattled somethin’ fierce:

“The manager told police she ‘took the threat very serious’…states the warrant, sworn by Officer Trevor Abney. Abney wrote that the manager was ‘slightly shaking’ as she spoke to the officer.”

Cops found and cuffed Arthur nearby.

He got locked up, Jack!

Jail records indicate he was charged with two counts of communicating false arson information.

Local ABC affiliate KXXV reported on the big stink:

“He got into a heated exchange with an employee at Willie’s Chicken Shack. The restaurant’s manager took his alleged threats seriously and then called police.

“Posey told police he told an employee he was going to ‘blow the bathroom up.'”


But the accused claims he was referring to his churning bowels — an imminent act of biological warfare and bathroom destruction that was purely intestinal.

Social media…uhhh…exploded.

Many came to Arthur’s defense:

I’d love to know how Arthur’s family — particularly his girlfriend or wife — feel about all the attention. Hopefully, they feel better than he did when he entered the Chicken Shack.


I’ve written a whole lot of articles, on a variety of topics. But I have to say: Hands down, this is my favorite story I’ve ever covered.

With all the disconcerting political goings-on daily in this era of intense upheaval, I hope it brightens your day and — dare I say — lightens your load, on this Black — or, that should be, Brown — Friday.

Happy shopping.

And while you’re out, if you have to “use the facilities,” be careful how you phrase it.

Long live King Arthur.


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