Actor and Hero James Woods Tries to Save Veteran's Life -- and May Have




Covering entertainment as it relates to politics, I write mostly about the uninformed doing the unimpressive. But James Woods keeps piercing the darkness (see here and here).


On Monday night, a veteran tweeted that he planned to commit suicide. Though that post has been deleted (along with, it appears, his account), a perusal of James’s tweets tell the backstory.

Woods reached out to the man, in a campaign to save his life.

Reading the actor’s messages, it’s heartwarming to learn of his empathy and care for others, including strangers.

Wait — I thought right-wingers are callous, heartless, evil blights on society?

James put himself out there, in more ways than one. He told the former marine that he, too, deals depression at times. He made himself available to talk, indicating a true concern for his fellow man.

Enjoy the series of tweets below. As he continues to prove (as he did here), not all multiple-Oscar-nominated celebrities are living in a narcissistic La-La Land.


The Casino star told the veteran he’s not alone, and that he could be someone else’s inspiration to hang on.

The situation grew more bleak.


Woods tried to find him.

He notified the authorities.

Do you know many people who would do this? Who would make this kind of determined attempt to help someone they’ve never met?


A veteran thanked James for his action, and for his support of America’s Brave:

Woods replied with an endorsement of fellow Hollywood military supporter, Forrest Gump’s Gary Sinise.

And then, good news:

What a class act.

Tinseltown can often seem like a mass of breathtakingly delusional, wholly disconnected buffoons, playing with — in the words of e.e. cummings — “the bigness of [their] littleness.”


With his concern and efforts, James demonstrated that he’s big where it counts — his heart.


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