Trump Will Declare Iran in Breach of Chemical Weapons Conventions



Highlighting a difference between Sheriff Trump and a-sight-less-than-stern Obama, a plan is set for the President to declare Iran in breach of the Chemical Weapons Conventions (check out Trump’s other cool moves herehere and here).


‘Cause he don’t play.

The Obama administration held off on such action in favor of efforts toward the nuclear deal. In lieu of greater measure, it informed Congress that Iran’s compliance couldn’t be confirmed.

But enough’s enough.

Following a series of malicious activities worldwide, the White House reinstated economic sanctions on Iran at the beginning of November.

Now comes the chemical weapons declaration to force “maximum pressure” by the Trump White administration.

Syria, for one, has seen tremendous casualty from chemical weaponry. It’s believed that the country’s Bashar al-Assad has deployed such weapons with support from Iran.

The conventions forbid stockpiling and use of chemical weapons. According to a report by the Washington Free Beacon, next week, Congress will officially find Iran in a state of non-compliance.

The Beacon sites an unnamed source:

“‘No one who’s actually an adult is surprised by this news,’ said the source, who could only speak on background about upcoming actions. ‘The Iranians have never met an arms control agreement they didn’t violate. That’s why the nuclear deal was such a transparent joke. The IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) verifies what it’s allowed to verify and on everything else the Iranians cheat. The Trump administration should draw the logical conclusion and force the Europeans out of the deal, which so far they’ve refused to do.'”


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