WATCH: Hundreds of the Migrant Caravan Reach the San Diego Border and Easily Scale the Fence




Much has been made of the incoming missile of migrant caravans — last month over 5,000 troops were readied (here); barbed wire has been laid as we brace for the blow (here); a dozen of sojourners, including 6 kids, filed a lawsuit against Trump for violating their rights to come in (here); and Yahoo News has let us know we’re not allowed to call them migrants…or, I guess, a caravan (here).


Are you ready to witness a bit of first impact?

Hundreds from one of the Central American caravans have reached the U.S. border at San Diego, which separates the States from Tijuana…and they’re climbing the border fence.

It doesn’t look difficult.

They scaled it. Eureka, USA.

I think I had greater challenges in 5th grade P.E.

I give you “immigration” —  videos for your viewing pleasure, courtesy of Televisa Tijuana Oficial and

For cheers and yahoo’s at the fence, start at the 43:00 mark.

Then there’s this:

And this:

The content of the clips — a whistling, scaling fragment of thousands headed to the gates of American opportunity, intent upon busting through — is absolutely thanks to the Left: to left-wing politicians praising the virtues of sanctuary cities, to the media referring to illegals as simply “immigrants,” and to the Democratic officeholders eschewing law and order in favor of pandering for future votes. More than a few Republicans are to blame as well.

A culture has been created, in which immigration regulation means nothing. And the chickens are migrating home to roost.

A bunch of them are undeterred by fencing.

As reported by Fox 5 San Diego:

“A few jumped or crawled to openings in the fence onto U.S. soil but quickly ran back as Border Patrol agents approached.”


What kind of people can be found within the thousands headed our way? Here are two clips from Fox in October:

Am I suggesting only criminals comprise those coming to our border for a better life? Of course not. But no caravan would be coming at all, if not for a siren of allowance, sounded around the world by our Elected in positions of power.

As in any such case, refusing to call a problem a problem has created a bigger problem. We are a country of open arms — to those who wish to follow procedure and enter our land of prosperity, with the intention of bettering the nation. We are all blessed to be here, few of us having earned the privilege; but what makes the country great can only be preserved by maintaining respect for the law and the careful components of our immigration system. Otherwise, we’ve marked a separation between what once was great and what cannot still be, by a fence that may prove far more difficult to climb than a 21-foot metal barrier.



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