Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Said She Can't Afford a D.C. Apartment, but Here's Her Financial Report



A lot’s been made over the last week about socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — the girl who wants the government to own all products and means of production (although, given that she doesn’t know how socialism would be accomplished, there’s really not much reason to believe she knows the actual definition of socialism) — and her need for assistance in order to afford a Washington, D.C. apartment. She lamented her struggle to The New York Times:


“I have three months without a salary before I’m a member of Congress. So, how do I get an apartment? Those little things are very real.”

In an interview with Bon Appétit, Alexandria said she operated her modest campaign out of a humble paper bag (thank God it wasn’t plastic; that’s not environmentally friendly):

“’For 80 percent of this campaign, I operated out of a paper grocery bag hidden behind that bar.’ Between shifts at the restaurant, she’d reach into the bag for her political literature and a change of clothes, then set out to canvass.”

Students at American University told The Daily Caller they’d be willing to donate to help her pay for some digs.

Somebody throw this girl a bone! She wants to transform America into the Nazis’ favored form of government, but she’s broke!

However, Ocasio-Cortez’s Financial Disclosure Report tells a different story. The hen laying the golden egg of Free Everything looks to have more than enough to afford a new roost.

As stated by Fox News, the future of American collapse “reported having between $15,001 and $50,000 in her checking account as of the end of April 2018, according to a Financial Disclosure Report she submitted to the clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives. The financial disclosure also reveals that she has an investment account valued between $1,001 and $15,000.”


That ain’t too shabby — in May, USA Today indicated the average American has much less:

“The average American has less than $4,000 in savings, while 57% of U.S. adults have less than $1,000 to their names.”

The Miss South Carolina of politics isn’t known for presenting an accurate picture of reality. As for her platform of everything in society being provided by Uncle Government, she hasn’t been able to back up anything she’s touted (pleeeease see here, here, and here). Why should her finances be any different?

Left-wingers wanting to contribute so the poor girl can have a place to sleep have another reason to hold off on any assistance: the median rent in D.C. is $2700; she’ll be making $174,000 in her first year as congresswoman. I think she’ll do just fine. Not at legislating — but all her bills’ll be paid by the manner in which mine and yours should be, too: courtesy of the taxpayers. So whether anyone donates, we’ll all be donating soon enough.


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